About Otherness

The quality or fact of being different.

Otherness is a place of self-discovery, the home of alternative wellbeing.

A place to explore alternative wellbeing, demystify the mystic and create your OWN journey of wellbeing.

Everyone we work with is approved by our own vetting process ensuring we only offer the highest quality partners.

Who We Are

Otherness is not just a place, it’s a whole community made up of authentic, positive partners who celebrate alternative wellbeing in all its forms.

The idea for Otherness was born late in 2017 by Alex Holbrook when she realised there was no central hub or industry standard for alternative wellbeing.

She wanted to curate an easy to use, safe and inclusive place that everyone had access to. Otherness went live on the 1st May 2018.

What We Do

It is our mission to create a platform of inclusivity where anyone, no matter their background or how they identify, can explore and discover alternative wellbeing modalities and guides to support themselves on a mental, physical and spiritual level.

Otherness enables our community to search and discover wellbeing guides,
events, retreats, courses, products and on-demand sessions whenever they need them, wherever they are.

Meet the team

We come from different backgrounds and we have had different experiences, this is what makes Otherness so special.

Elliss J
Francesca Blechner
Guest Writer
Guest Contributor
Jasmin Harsono
Jennifer Wallis
Poppy Roy
Rebecca Moore
Robert Grey
Semra Hacksever
Tero Goldenhill

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We love to hear from our community.

Whether you would like to be considered as a guide, write for us or submit your event, please contact us!

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