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Editor's Choice

Editors Choice
Artist Chloe Filani Uses Poetry As A Radical Form Of Self Expression And Love

For poet, artist and performer Chloe Filani, poetry is a form of therapeutic journaling. Her work explores her lived experience as a Black Trans woman of Nigerian Heritage Yoruba. Poppy sat down with Chloe to learn more about her journey of self-expression through sound, folktales and her performance.

Relationships & Sex
How Womb Healing Could Change The World.

Stephanie Victorie speaks to Florence Morris, Cosmic Sex Witch, on the role of healing the collective feminine and reconnecting with the sacredness of women.

Editors Choice
What Is The Meaning Of Spirituality?

Sonja Shah-Williams BSc (Hons) APA, Ayurvedic practitioner and founder of Anala Ayurvedic health shares her thoughts on spirituality.

What are the Akashic Records?

Here Iman Mabrouk takes us through what this ‘expansive vibrating library of information and energy’ is and their history.

Returning from the Nowhere Stage

Here we share Eddy Elsey's piece on the Corona-19 Virus Pandemic as a Cultural Rite of Passage for Sacred Hoop Magazine.

Self Care & Development
How To Bring More Gratitude Into Your Life

Gratitude has the ability to positively alter our mind, body and soul. Poppy explores what happens when we intentionally invite more gratitude and love into our lives.

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Food & Nutrition

When Bobbie Garbutt, 4th generation cocoa and spice farmer, was growing up in between the Caribbean island of Grenada and the United Kingdom, she never envisioned that agroecology would become her life’s mission. This is her story.


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Miranda Cook of The Wootique London shares her favourite ways to honour this auspicious festival.


There’s no place like OM - at The Other House in South Kensington, London.

Essential Oils

Claire Dabreo presents her seasonally-based programme to educate, inspire and empower.

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