Wellbeing 101: The Power Of Reiki

Jennifer Wallis explores what Reiki is, what it means and how it can have a positive impact on our lives.

By now you’ve likely heard of Reiki. Perhaps you’ve even received a Reiki treatment; the gentle, yet powerful energy healing practice has roots in Japan. Japanese Tendai Buddhist Mikao Usui is widely regarded as the forefather of Reiki, bringing his healing technique - the Usui System of Natural Healing -  to Japan. His intention was that Reiki would be used as a tool for spiritual development. Usui passed on his teachings to others and since then, Reiki has spread throughout the world. There are now over 50 styles of Reiki practised worldwide including Holy Fire and Karuna Reiki.

All of these styles aside, Reiki is essentially one and the same. They all lead back to the same source of energy. 

Reiki Master Teacher and Otherness guide Jennifer Wallis, explores what Reiki is, what it means and how it can have a positive impact on our lives.

What does the word ‘Reiki’ mean?

The word Reiki is made up of two words - Rei and Ki. Rei, meaning universal spirit and Ki, meaning lifeforce energy. So it roughly translates as universal life force energy. It’s that unseen energy within us all and within all of life. 

reiki hands as a source of holistic healing

What is it?

Well, as mentioned above, it’s the universal energy that is within us and all around us. I like to explain it this way; when someone walks into a room we might say that they “light up the room”, or we might feel that they bring the mood of the room down. We can often sense if a person is angry or sad. That unseen energy. Plants, animals, food, even inanimate objects, all have and emit energy. The practice of Reiki healing, or Reiki therapy, utilises this life-force energy and assists in bringing our own energy and energy centres back into balance and harmony.

How does it work?

An attuned Reiki practitioner, or therapist, is what I like to call a ‘middleman/woman/person’ for the Reiki energy.

Through them, Reiki flows in and out through their hands and into the recipient's energy field to shift and dissolve any energetic blockages. Sounds a bit bonkers right? Well, there is now a lot of scientific research being done into Reiki and its effects. The Reiki Federation website explains that “when giving Reiki, practitioners have been shown to emit electro-magnetic or bio-magnetic energy from their hands”. It continues: “The frequencies of the energy emitted vary from one moment to the next; but many appear to correspond to those that medical researchers have identified as being the optimum frequencies for stimulating the healing process in tissues, bones and other body parts.” That aside, I have witnessed firsthand the physical and emotional effects of Reiki, both on myself, as a recipient and on others after a session.

What does Reiki do?

Whilst a Reiki practitioner should never promise you a cure or advise against Western medicine (remember, Reiki is a complementary therapy that compliments and can work alongside conventional medicine), it can have profound effects on our overall health and wellbeing. It heals on four levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. As the energy passes through the practitioner's hands, it flows into the energy field of the person receiving the treatment.

Reiki only goes where it is needed.

The Reiki therapist will be intuitively drawn to certain areas of the body, or they will feel heat or tingling sensations when they hit upon a blockage or area of discomfort. They then spend some time directing the Reiki to that area until they feel it is time to move on. All this is done whilst the client is lying down, fully clothed.

A big part of a Reiki treatment is checking in with the chakras, our main energy centres and releasing any blockages. For example, a blocked throat chakra could mean that we have trouble speaking our truth, or a blocked solar plexus could mean you are experiencing a lack of confidence. People may have quite visual experiences during treatments. They might see colours or images of themselves in places. Some people might experience dream-like states during treatments and sometimes they may even just fall asleep. Whatever happens, the Reiki will always be doing its thing.

Universal life force energy healing

Who can have Reiki?

Reiki is for absolutely everyone! It is a very gentle and noninvasive treatment that will leave you feeling utterly relaxed if nothing else. Thus it is safe for everyone, even pregnant women, children and animals.

How will I feel after a session?

Clients have reported feeling lighter, relaxed, blissed out, less anxious and having a greater sense of clarity when it comes to situations that may have been causing them stress. 

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Distance healing, what is it and how does it work?

Distance healing works in exactly the same way as an in-person Reiki treatment. Sometimes it might be preferable or more accessible to be in the comfort of your own home. The practitioner will connect to your energy field, much like if they were in the room with you.

It works based upon the principle that we are all connected through this universal energy that we can access at any time. 

Personally, I have had more profound experiences sending Reiki in a distance healing than in person. Simply because, it just blows my mind that it’s possible to be so connected to another human being, in another part of the world and still pick up on things in their energetic field. 

Jennifer Wallis

Her journey to the present day has seen her working in the music industry as a journalist, radio host and DJ, as well as writing in the culture and wellbeing fields.

After spending many years exploring and healing her own mental health and wellbeing through travel, meditation, crystals and sound, Jennifer is now a trained Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui System of Natural Healing. She also holds a Meditation Teacher Diploma and is an intuitive tarot reader.

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