Welcome to Mystery School: A Training For Living Magic In Everyday Life

Declared a training for living magic in everyday life, Mystery School is a community centred course for radiant clarity on the nature of life, created by Leila Sadeghee and Jaliessa Sipress. Here Poppy speaks to them about how their offering is radical empowerment for today's world.

Declared a training for living magic in everyday life, Mystery School is a community centred course for radiant clarity on the nature of life, created by Leila Sadeghee and Jaliessa Sipress. 

Otherness guide Leila Sedeghee is a priestess, healer, ritualist, yoga teacher and facilitator, who has over two decades of attuned experiences, sharing esoteric and healing practices. In partnership with fellow mystic, spiritual mentor, astrologer and artist Jaliessa Sepress, this training is a distillation of the most potent elements discovered in their journeys of life, a foundation course in spirituality. 

Starting January 2022, this monthly exploration is online and will involve two calls a month, for 6 months. Participants will receive weekly material, prompts and practices. This support kit is designed for the highly sensitive and worrywarts who want to live their purpose and experience true, deep joy. Othereness sat down with the pair to learn more.

To learn how being spiritual is not a one way street, but by creating a life that is an embodied celebration wherever you go.
From foggy and fried, to clear and grounded.
From dabbler to deep in

How did you both meet and is this the first course you are running together?

Our friend (and Mystery School faculty member) Natasha Barlow has a digital platform called Higher Self Care - she hosted a panel discussion called Magnify 2020 in February that year - with Jaliessa, me, and our other dear friend Tamara Driessen. It was quite a stimulating conversation! And great to meet in the context of our life’s work. Afterwards, I (Leila) kind of just walked up to Jaliessa and suggested she come and stay at my home. 

I do enjoy hosting people in my home, but I was awfully busy. I just had an inkling that it was a smart idea to host Jaliessa. I think she was like, ‘who is this weirdo?’ a bit but my instinct was spot on. We’re great friends and our work relationship is fruitful!

Jaliessa is faculty for another offering of mine, Vessel of Worth, and we teach a recurring, week-long offering called Abundance Healing Group Coaching - in 2022 we’ll host our third round of that magic. 

And, of course, we’ve developed Mystery School together - which is the richest possible combination of our distinct teaching styles and philosophical approaches to the nature of reality.

Leila Sedeghee

Where did the inspiration to create this course come from?

We felt that there needed to be something that really gets to the heart of the matter, of the grand mystery of being alive: why we’re here on earth and what we’re supposed to be doing about it. 

We were talking one day about another course we were working on and one of us said something to the effect of “you know, I wish there was something we could just hand people or tell people to do before participating in spiritual work to make sure we’re all on the same page about the foundational stuff.” Neither of us could think of anything that was sufficient (aka had all of the curriculum that we find important) so we decided to create it! 

What is so mysterious?

Well, in our humble opinion, LIFE is pretty mysterious. Often our own selves are mysterious - our motivations and peccadillos - all seem to require pondering and investigation. Life, for me (Leila) is a constant process of discovery, questioning, sitting with confusion, and courting grace and revelation. 

The name of the course is sort of a play on the traditional Mystery School, where insight into the nature of reality and the truth of Divinity is sought through the practices of ritual and magic. In this sense, our school is non-traditional, as we are not focused on ritual practices per se (we will teach the most useful ones we know, of course) - but more on how to really see and live magic on a moment to moment basis, traction in everyday life. 

In an age where so much spirituality is here to be consumed rather than properly digested, and when so many offerings to temper the restless spirit are out there - we thought it would be useful to call a community for really playing the game of life. As for me, I’ve taught a LOT of esoteric practices to many people - and this course has those practices embedded to be sure - but with a laser focus on establishing the direct, foundation insight into the nature of reality that engenders a capacity to play your edges, and to delight in the losses and gains of life in a radical, very free way.

Jaliessa Sepress

Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone who has a yearning for spiritual “enlightenment” but has mostly just dabbled in one-off practices (yoga classes, a manifestation class here and there, tarot school, etc) but wants to go deeper and make their entire life both the altar and the offering. 

Mystery School is for those of us who have always felt a little different- maybe some mixture of magical, anxious, caring, sensitive, curious, powerful and playful. It’s for those of us who want more out of life and magic- who leave the altar when the spell is cast and think “now what?” and want more- who want to see magic on the dancefloor at the club and in the faces of their lovers and in the hard conversations with their parents. Mystery School is for anyone who wants to live a life of freedom beyond what they’ve been told is possible and available.

The course is described as a training and tool kit for living magic in everyday life, where did these teachings come from and how have you developed them?

Leila: My background is in non-dual Tantra and priestessing, as well as energy healing and practical magic. I’ve been a teacher of yoga, movement, and meditation for ages - I’ve watched the wax and wane of trends in spirituality, new age, manifestation, trauma-informed healing, and all kinds of therapeutics and teachers for the past 25 years - and I’ve picked things up all over, really. I also have a sense of the ‘dead ends’ that are present in these fields - and want to help folks avoid the things that don’t really work.

In Mystery School, an underlying foundation is the non-dual Tantra - it’s a constant reference point for me. The view of the universe and our place in it is mega-inspiring, and resonates deeply with my direct experience and the words and ways of the folks I rate as wise. I’ll be sharing my favourite teachings - and of course, transmitting my own healing power, and supporting the group in transmitting their power for the benefit of one another as well. That’s the energy healing side of things.

There’s another thing: I have gone from being rather unhappy most of the time, and deeply burdened by life, to being resonantly content much of the time, and deeply delighted by life. It’s clear to me that certain understandings and awakenings have been the key to my personal transformation, and I am here sharing them.


I don’t really see my work as “teachings” as much as transmissions.

Sometimes they come from me “channeling” “higher dimensional” information (information that bypasses logical and linear thought process), sometimes it’s field notes from living my life as freely and spontaneously as I do, gaining information from a tree, a conversation, an experience, a movement. For me, it all goes back to the relationship I have formed with the unknown and unseen- that I’ve, in a sense, always known there is always something greater at play than we often realize or can understand. Some of the languages I use to help articulate that are Astrology, manifestation work, and non-dual tantric practice and thought.  

Each month brings a new topic, what can we expect and look forward to?

Non Duality

Non-duality is the direct perception of the field of energy that is everything, including the ‘thing’ that you call ‘me’. 

In Mystery School we are offering awareness practices to support non-dual awakening.

What’s more, we will offer contemplations and thought-prompts to loosen attachment to perceiving things as at odds with one another, this is the kind of dualistic thinking that tends to stop us from taking risks, or seeing things for what they are. Our view is that everything is a portal to wisdom, to enchantment. The Non-duality curriculum is a vital re-frame for the crusty corners of thought and perception, where folks often get stuck and it's a key to accessing the vastness that is the real you.

Inheritance and Legacy

CONDITIONING - there’s no way around it, so we are heading straight into it. 

Why do we seem to incur the same situations again and again? What are our densest patterns of behaviour? Where does it sit? How fixed is it? What comes from our family, and our ‘past lives’?

And, most importantly - what do we do about it? What does it have to do with what we are here to do on Earth? And how do we cope with the ways that we feel limited by it? 

Inheritance and Legacy curriculum is all about how to hold all that lightly, with skill - and also how we can work to clear it - and what ‘clearing’ really means. It’s a space to face up to the ways that you have been unconsciously limited by this stuff - and start to move it. Think: clearing repetitive patterns in your life, becoming intimate with the places that hurt, and learning to distinguish from what’s yours and what belongs to your family/caregivers - and how to give what’s not yours back, once and for all.

The Body

Body curriculum is a dive into how we created our body selves and how we maintain them. It’s a creation journey of movement, as well as a deep dive into the energetics of food and how we feed ourselves. What it means to eat, how we digest and process experience with the body-centre of consciousness. It’s a re-enchantment of physical reality from the body out - so we can know the pathways to pleasure, delight, and ease of being. 


What are you personally doing here - on the planet, with the other humans, at this time? 

Clarity about the truth of our existence and the absolute right-ness of it - respect for HOW YOU ACTUALLY MOVE THROUGH LIFE and how becoming intimate with that can clear up your decision-making processes for your life trajectory.


Another term for the Mystery is ‘The Divine’ - and the revelation of your own self as the Divine is right at the heart of our journey in Mystery School. In this part of the curriculum, we engage Divinity in a highly practical way: how do we come to grips with all the cultures around ‘God’ - what are ‘Divine Beings’ and how/why might you fruitfully engage with Divinity as a means to access more wonder, power, and truth? ( We will talk about Angels, God-forms, and all kinds of other Divinity-related things… and, of course, clear out the distortion field of mainstream exoteric religion, which is really very liberating for people.)

Working With Magic

This is the part where we learn and refine the skills normally associated with magic - divination, manifestation, spell-casting, coming to know magical creatures. We could say ‘this is the fun part’ - but the truth is, it’s all very, very fun.

Why is it so important that you gather in community circles?

Leila: This is right at the heart of my life’s work. I continue to become more and more convinced that this is where transformation is most lasting and potent. I also LOVE the way that spiritual community lasts beyond the time-frame of the course. In all of my courses, this has been so beautiful to witness - the way that people develop deep, meaningful friendships that are founded and centered in spiritual practice - not work, education, or family. It’s a ripe space for the ‘chosen family’ that is so important for folks who have experienced trauma in relationship/family.

The intimacy of spiritual friendship is really something magical - part of my work in the world is creating spaces where people can find this kind of connection.

How can divinity and non-dual awakening help us in today's world?

In a word: GRACE. 

When you know Divinity to be your true identity and when the sense of separateness between self/other, and self/world softens and begins to dissolve - it seems to set the stage for wild, unencumbered movements of grace to pour through all your relationships - and of course the world occurs, is experienced, in relationship.

An awake being is not as easily manipulated, and when you are awake, things that seemed murky or unclear come into sharp focus. Knowing how to move through the world as you truly are really does change the world. The world is shaped in the heart of our perception. Perception awake to its own nature is a complete gift - for the individual, for the collective. 

In a phrase: it’s radical empowerment for today’s world.

To embrace the journey and find out more the Mystery School Leila and Jaliessa will be hosting a taster experience in January, sign up here.

Poppy Roy

Poppy Roy joined Otherness as Editor-At-Large, where she will oversee the editorial content; collaborating, writing and contributing pieces, which explore spiritual and alternative forms of wellbeing.

With a background in photography and yoga, Poppy came from British Vogue, where she wrote about wellbeing, photography and sustainable living.

Poppy's work reflects her compassion and desire to share powerful modalities for both collective and personal healing.

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