We Are All Spiritual Beings: An Interview With Giselle La-Pompe Moore

On the announcement of her new book, Otherness caught up with author, spiritual guide and Reiki master Giselle La-Pompe Moore about why we are all spiritual beings, trauma-sensitive meditation and her transformative skin Reiki offerings. 

With a decade-long career as a journalist in the fashion and beauty industry, Giselle turned to her spiritual practices as tools to deal with anxiety and overwhelm which arose from the fast paced and often stressful career. It was after relocating to New York for graduate school that meditation became a life changing practice for Giselle and with the firsthand experience of using spiritual tools to effectively navigate modern life she knew that it was important for her to spread these teachings and modalities.

Giselle offers a practical, accessible and simple approach to spirituality, guiding her clients to curate and create their own supportive practices for whatever life hands you. On the announcement of her new book Take It In: Do The Inner Work. Create Your Best Damn Life, Otherness caught up with her to learn more about her transformative practice.

How does connecting to spirit inform your work?

What has been interesting for me to discover is that I’ve always been able to channel and I use it in all of my work. Before I do sessions, before I do my online group classes, before I do any Instagram post, I'm always in a space with Spirit channelling information. Unless people can understand spirituality in the modern language that we speak, then it's kind of pointless. I see my role sometimes as a translator, I make sure that I'm translating the things I receive in a super practical, grounded and down to earth way.

For me, if even one of us doesn’t understand the message, then it can't be for any of us. The point of spirituality should be that everyone has access to it and by removing the fear and the superstitions that are attached to it, we are able to access the life changing benefits of it.

"For me spirituality is not only about creation, calling things in and making things better and more blissful and peaceful. But spirituality is a survival mechanism to get through what we're being handed. That's always kind of where my priorities been."

When you were younger, what were your experiences of the spirit world?

When I was around the age of 6 or 7, during school years, I would have clairvoyant experiences, where I would experience lots of visions and premonitions. As a child in Catholic school I was terrified. I would share these experiences with my mum who was incredibly supportive, but it wasn't something that I had any intention of doing anything with.

As I grew older and became a teenager, I became distracted and had other interests, but it was around the time I was taking my GCSE examinations, aged 15 and I really felt that there was an easier way to pass successfully than studying for 24 hours a day. It was here that I went back to my practices and learned about manifestation and the law of attraction. 

This experience was the beginning of me seeing and the reading of spirit and trusting in this deeper relationship that we all have access to. This eventually became a daily practice of connecting to spirit, manifesting, doing rituals and spells or whatever felt good to me at the time, that is when it really started to manifest itself as a teenager.

What can someone expect from your sessions?

I have an international client base, so most of my sessions are online. I do phone calls for Tarot and video calls for my spiritual guidance sessions. These sessions are really about helping people help them to work through their life experiences, changes or whatever they're going through at that time. 

In my practice I use spiritual tools and wisdom to help my clients reach where they would like to be. Most of the challenges we are working through, are very normal problems that we may all go through in life. It can be anything from career transitions, to feeling a bit stuck in their lives, to breakups and divorces. I help my clients gain a deeper connection with themselves, peeling back the layers from who they think they have to be in this world and digging deeper to who they actually are underneath everything.

Reiki Facials are offered to your clients, what should we expect from a session?

As part of my spiritual guidance sessions over Zoom, I do a lot of work with the mind skin connection. It is a comprehensive offering where we discuss their personal skin story. I often see clients who have had a skin condition, maybe acne or psoriasis or their self worth and acceptance around their appearance is in pieces. We will spend some time talking about their skin and like what it means on the emotional, mental, spiritual level, rather than the physical. Some of my clients tell me that they’ve never had a chance to speak about their skin, just even having that conversation with someone listening to your experience is healing in itself, it’s the power of storytelling. 

Sometimes I will guide a live skin meditation for a client, who may have a facial oil to massage themselves with. And after this allows time for the process, letting the product sink in asking them to breathe as they go. By focusing on reducing stress, which meditation does, we're seeing both physical but also mental benefits. Scientific studies have shown that stress hormones reach your skin, exacerbating acne, psoriasis, dermatitis and all of those other neuro-inflammatory conditions. It has been a really interesting path and connection for me, from working in the beauty industry and my belief that spirituality can work for pretty much everything, it has been amazing to see that evidence.

What has been your biggest lesson so far in your journey?

My biggest lesson has been witnessing how incredibly connected we are and for me the last year and a half have been such a huge teaching. Collectively we have all experienced the exact same global event at the exact same time, which is quite rare. I've witnessed hundreds of my clients from New York to Bahrain, South Africa to Australia and in the UK all navigating the same global event in different capacities in identical ways. I’ve witnessed the same things come up, the same fears, dreams, the same hopes. Irrespective of age, ethnicity, social background and that's been really beautiful to see.

It has given people the awareness that for so long we thought we were in control and to be confronted with the fact that we don't have any here, but regardless of what's happening in the world and around us we can always go inwards to try to find some level of peace and purpose.

As a spirit guide, you also practice Akashic Records, what is this?

To summarise, Akashic Records is a vibrational record or vibrational archive of your soul and it’s journey through different lifetimes. In a session I will use an opening prayer, taught by my teacher Dr. Linda Howe, which we invoke to access the record. Once we are in the record, which isn’t a physical space but a subtle shift in consciousness I will be speaking with my client and we will begin to look at any issues that come up. During this I am connecting to the records and I may sometimes hear things, see things, or perceive things, helping me to intuitively share wisdom and guidance to my clients. Interestingly, all of my clients say that they always knew this wisdom and for some reason they needed to have that confirmation from me, from spirit, from somebody telling them what they already know to be true. 

This makes people feel incredibly seen and validated, and the wisdom that comes through is always quite surprising.

"Sometimes we get past lives come through, which are here to show us something about how to navigate the current lifetime that we're in right now. It offers us really great insight into situations that we're experiencing right now."

How does this help people connect to their intuition?When my clients ask how to connect to spirit, or how do I use my intuition, the Akashic Records is a really helpful practice because it provides a confirmation of what their intuitive voice was already telling them. We so often disbelieve and stifle our inner voices and to have your intuition almost read back to you is such a confirmation and helps people to deepen that connection.

Do you have any daily rituals to stay grounded and connect to spirit?

What is interesting is that my practice has evolved so much since I was 15 to now and in the last 16 years I have started relying on tools. I use a lot of crystals. I have had every essential oil and everything else, but over time I just really landed in a place of not needing very much. I think that has been a real testament to just trusting and having faith in spirit and knowing that every single day and every single thing that we do here is a spiritual practice.

So whether you're watching TV, reading a book, swearing, gossiping, we are here to have this human experience. And I think it's so important that we allow ourselves to have that without needing to know about things like consciousness or planes of existence to be a spiritual person. We are all spiritual beings. 

My daily practices are ultimately just coming home to myself. So every day I'm checking in and doing a self inquiry practice. Sometimes it might be placing my hand on my heart when I wake up and just asking what is here for me to see today? Spending time with this question and responding to it. If I notice some heaviness there I will be asking how can I then find a yoga class, or an essential oil, or a crystal to help me to soothe that, but it has to be something that comes from asking that question to begin with.

Yes and we need more of those reminders that we are all spiritual beings, how sacred it is to be born in these bodies on this planet earth!

Yes exactly. I always ask my clients to imagine putting on like a fresh new pair of contact lenses and see how bright and alive the world is. It's that childlike wonder and delight of seeing everything with completely fresh eyes. We have the ability to look at our lives with the same eyes, but see the magic when we can put these metaphorical contact lenses on. We get to see how incredible that plant is, what a beautiful soul the person you share your daily train has, but never witnessed before. This teaches us that we have the ability to make the mundane things into the most sacred experiences. That to me is more special than you know all the really comprehensive rituals and classes that we can do, there's so much magic available.

You offer trauma sensitive mindfulness and meditation. What happens in these sessions and what brought you to this method?

Meditation and mindfulness can lead to dysregulation and other challenges in some individuals who've experienced trauma but it is also a very powerful and beneficial practice for those who've experienced trauma, provided we have the right tools and adjustments in place. This is why it's vital that we have more awareness of the links between meditation and trauma, so we can focus on increased training for practitioners and more tools for participants so they can experience this incredible practice, safely.

My monthly online group classes offer this practice and it is a way to cultivate a safe container for meditation practice, regardless of someone’s life experience. The class is a mix of meditation and guided real time journaling. We might be rethinking the right path and navigating different ideas that come up. It's a great opportunity to gather as a group, share, take some things in and relax.

Originally I undertook a classic meditation teacher training, however, after reading a statistic that around 90% of us have experienced some kind of traumatic stress in our lifetimes, I realised that there will be people who have experienced trauma in every one of my classes.

"My training was eye opening and I was able to see that the process isn’t as simple as asking someone to close their eyes and connect to their breath."

As meditation increases in popularity, with practices offered on Instagram lives, YouTube etc. I wonder how safe this is for everyone? It really resonated that as a practitioner, it's my responsibility to make sure that all of my spaces are incredibly safe. 

To have the ability to recognise trauma responses and make sure that that person is resourced and can feel stable in practice is my priority. I am asking, how do I make sure that this person is regulated, their nervous system is back into balance. I'm monitoring them, checking in, and can make modifications, such as movement, taking breaks, holding a part of their body, placing a hand on their heart space. A slight language modification creates such a huge shift and ensures everyone feels safe and that no one ends up experiencing a trauma response. It is also about offering closure and support after class, to be able to help you to regulate before you leave, these things are all really important. 

How do you nourish your mind, your body and your soul?

For my mind, I use journaling to ask myself questions to see what I need at any given moment so I'm able to meet those needs. 

For my body, I have a daily yoga practice that I do online with Skyting studio in New York, I choose my classes depending on what I've journaled about. If I connect to the feeling that I need a lot of rest I will choose a restorative class or maybe I need to get rid of some energy so I would choose a fiery asana class. 

And finally for my soul, I have a daily prayer that I say each morning that reminds me of my place on this planet, and my connection to spirit. So even when I feel like I can't see, I'm asking to be shown the way and that's what's really supportive.

For anyone looking to develop a spiritual practice, where would you point them to begin?

"Journaling is a great place to begin. It is almost like seeing the page as a place of self inquiry and self exploration, which is free and accessible for every single person." 

When you are opening that journal, it may be that you start off by writing down how you felt during the day, you might then move on to writing a prayer or a one line intention, or you may try to connect to spirit through the journal. Journaling can really evolve as your spiritual practices do, so it can help you to chart things to try and differentiate between your intuition and your very active mind. So for me, journaling is such a great beginner's place to begin. And we will have to start somewhere, and it's still the practice that I come to every single day myself now.

Take It In: Do The Inner Work. Create Your Best Damn Life 

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