The Harmony Principle Presents White Tiger/ Bai Hu Creative Cycle Program

Claire Dabreo presents her seasonally-based programme to educate, inspire and empower.

About 6,500 years ago the Chinese divided the sky into four parts in Chinese astrology, north, east, west, and south. Each section contains seven stars which look like four mythical creatures. 

In Chinese Medicine, each Element corresponds with a season as well, a time when it is at its most manifest in nature, we understand this through the concept of Wu-Xing, which has been translated as the Creative Cycle by Claire Dabreo, founder of The Harmony Principle. 

The Harmony Principle is the lovechild of Five Element Acupuncturist Claire Dabreo (aka The London Acupuncturist) and Amelia Adrian. “I came up with the idea when I did my Master Healer training in 2019.  It was a really powerful process and at the end of it I had what I can only describe as a ‘download’ of the blueprint for The Harmony Principle.” explains Claire “It felt like the ‘yang’ partner I had been missing for my clinical practice as an acupuncturist which is much more ‘yin’ in nature for me.” 

Claire Dabreo

Claire created The Harmony Principle and Creative Cycle as a way of bringing to life the philosophy that underpins her clinical practice, making it accessible and easy to integrate into daily life. With true self-care at the heart of the programme, she aims to offer fun, interesting, relatable and relevant ways to connect the dots between nature and the health of our body, mind and spirit. The doors to the program are only opened in the pivot seasons, Autumn and Spring, as these are energetically the most powerful times to make changes and shifts. 

The seasonally-based programme offers exclusive online materials to educate, inspire and empower. Each season is broken down into five key themes, offering a springboard for learning, reflection and a deeper engagement with nature. At your own pace, you are invited to experience each of the Five Elements and their corresponding seasons as they unfold in the natural world around us. 

By inviting nature to teach us, it is easy to understand how the Elements work within us and what they can teach us about balance, health and harmony. So in Winter for example we see the Water Element at its most energetically manifest.  When we pay attention to the natural world as it unfolds around us the gift is that we get an opportunity to understand ourselves more deeply, every time a season comes round.   

“The Harmony Principle is about learning how to harness the powers and gifts of every season so that we can achieve greater balance for ourselves at all levels of mind, body and spirit.  And when we do that we are reminded we have all the archetypes within us to call on when they are needed or appropriate.  This makes us much more powerful as authentic expressions of self, helps us avoid burnout or ‘boom and bust’ patterns, and also sets us up for navigating our life stages with greater ease. You can also apply the principles to almost any area of your life.” Claire Dabro  

Your Power Season is not a five-element diagnosis (that takes a highly trained practitioner) but it gives us a picture of the Element which is the most reliable and dominant in our current day-to-day which can be really useful to understand.  Why? The archetypes offer an insight into the powers and gifts each season offers us, so by identifying our power season we get an insight into the energetic mode we find most comfortable to live and operate in. 

The brilliant thing is that as humans we are also expressions of nature so in fact we have ALL the elements within us. Identifying your Power Season and the corresponding archetype is a really powerful way to help us understand where are comfortable and potentially getting stuck and where we might need to put extra effort into balancing our own Creative Cycle to unlock our fullest life potential.   

The archetypes to the power seasons are Connector, Powerhouse, Nurturer, Visionary and Treasure Seeker, discover which one you are here.

We work with the power of the White Tiger, Black Tortoise, Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird and Yellow Dragon. For this season we will be working with White Tiger; this mythical creature represents the West of the sky which corresponds with the Metal Element and Autumn.  

According to Chinese legend, a tiger’s tail will turn white in 500 years, and is known as the Bai Hu, the White Tiger. The White Tiger is a sagely beast of untold wisdom, power, justice, loyalty, bravery and nobility.  

This season invites us to use our powers of judgement and discernment to cut away the waste and let go of that which no longer serves us, in order to create the reverential space into which we invite inspiration; inspiration that can only arrive in the silence and the ritual and ceremony, that recognises we have a higher aspect of self to serve. (We are currently in Late Summer, we shift info in autumn usually at the beginning of October). 

In charge of the West of the sky, Bai Hu is associated with the Metal Element and Autumn, which is both the beginning and the end, of the Creative Cycle.  Here we must let go and make space in order to prepare ourselves to receive the riches of growth offered by the seasons to come.  

The Metal Element is manifest within each of us through the lungs, colon and skin, and we have once again partnered with the incredible Conscious Connected Breathwork practitioner Nina Carter (Breathwork with Nina) to create a seasonally specific energetic practice to help you sync with the seasons’ energy.

The program is supported with an essential oils protocol for the season and a workbook packed with journalling prompts, seasonal practices and inspiration, this is a truly special way to support your Qi. 

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As part of the Creative Cycle program, there will be a series of five seasonal workshops channelling the power of these mythological creatures associated with each Element to help you powerfully harness the energy of the season. Discover them here. 

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