The Art Of Letting Go

‘Let go of what was, accept what is and surrender to what will be…’ An excerpt from Self-Care for Life in the City, Francesca Blechner by for National Stress Awareness Day.

‘Letting go is hard but sometimes holding on is harder’

In the beautiful book, Self-Care for Life in the City, Francesca Blechner shares a synthesis of timeless truths we can all use to find and create our dreams, live well, and be conscious of what is ultimately important and sustainable.

Here we share The Art Of Letting Go, an excerpt for National Stress Awareness Day.

As human beings we are control freaks. We like to be in control because it keeps us safe. However, it keeps us small too. To live a truly full and expansive life, there has to be an element of surrender to the unknown. As a self-acclaimed perfectionist, this does not come easily to me.When I have let go of pushing, striving and controlling outcomes, I have experienced some of the most magical manifestations of life’s unfolding. It's one of the hardest things to do, but also the most liberating, and it’s an ongoing work in progress for me. Transformational Breath® has been a game changer for me, allowing me to ultimately open more to life.  

Nothing is certain in life. We will lose people we love; people will die, we may have our hearts broken, jobs may not last forever, we will get hurt, relationships may break down. There is one thing for certain for all of us - we will pass on from our physical bodies. Be in the now;celebrate life, stop holding on to the past, let go of certainty and embrace the magic of life that awaits you. 

 I’ve worked with clients who are stuck in jobs they hate but stay for the security, the fear of the unknown being too much for them. Yet they could be made redundant or have their job cut anytime in the future. Look what happened to the entire financial system in 2007. Nothing is guaranteed. Life is constantly moving and unfolding and so are you. Let go,surrender and allow yourself to bring more flow and magic in your life. To truly let go is to become detached from the outcome.

‘Let go of what was, accept what is and surrender to what will be…’

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Francesca Blechner

Having been on the edge of burnout many times in the past asa personal trainer, she became passionate about helping others self-restore and thrive physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

She has helped thousands of people from all over the world and all walks of life, including members of the Saudi Royal Family, celebrities, business leaders, new mothers and teenagers.

Her loves are dark chocolate, trawling vintage markets and travelling.

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