Sekhem: The Ancient Energy Practice

Whilst most of us are familiar with Reiki and perhaps even Seichem, few of us have heard of what is thought as the highest vibrational energy healing system of them all, Iman Mabrouk introduces the practice.

Energy healing, whilst ancient in origin, is the medicine of the future.

Energy healing has existed under various guises in ancient civilisations and lineages throughout time. Whilst all are connected to the Source energy, each represents a different level and avenue of connection to that Source.

As the collective consciousness of humanity is awakened and rises, the memory of our innate skills and gifts is being remembered. , The revelation of a higher vibrational frequency is necessary to support our individual and collective healing during these challenging times.

Whilst most of us are familiar with Reiki and perhaps even Seichem, few of us have heard of what is thought as the highest vibrational energy healing system of them all…Sekhem energy healing!

The Origins

Sekhem energy healing found its way into my life through divinely aligned synchronicities. Whilst consulting my Akashic Records one afternoon, I learnt that one of my spiritual names translates from Arabic into ‘The Eye of Ra’. At the time I was looking for an energy healing system to study for the greater good, which also connected me to my Egyptian roots. That’s when Sekhem manifested itself into my reality. Significantly, Sekhem is connected to the ancient Egyptian deity Sekhmet, who, according to mythology, was born out of the eye of Ra, the Egyptian Sun God. 

Eye of ra Sekhem Energy Healing

Sekhmet is known as the Lion-headed Goddess of War and Healing Sciences and the guardian and protector of the Sekhem energy. Sekhmet power breaks down what no longer serves us, supporting us to transform our lives and be reborn. Sekhem is also linked to Sirius, the star system known as our spiritual sun which the ancient Egyptians worshipped.

What is Sekhem energy healing?

In ancient Egypt, the word “Kehm” is alchemy, and “Sekhem” meant “spiritual might/ authority” because it relates to and acts directly on the individual's soul frequency.

Sekhem energy healing is a non-invasive ancient Egyptian healing modality. It was rediscovered in the 1980s while Patrick Zeigler was meditating inside one of the great pyramids of Giza and has what he describes as an initiatory experience. 

Sekhem energy is drawn from the infinite, living light energy. It works on all levels simultaneously, seeking to harmonise and balance all aspects of a person's being: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Many believe in its potential to accelerate personal development and support the bodies’ own natural healing processes, also helping to elevate our own vibrational frequency.

Reiki, Seichem and Sekhem - what’s the difference?

Each energy healing system relies upon vibrational frequency, one of the main differentiation between the three is the amount that each works on. Whilst they have their own unique attributes, it is believed that in combination, these systems work in harmony with one another, having all originated from one Source energy. Whilst both Reiki and Seichem are inherent in the greater system of Sekhem, Sekhem has the highest vibrational frequency of them all.

How does Sekhem energy healing work and what can I expect?

Sekhem uses 3D symbols, which are linked to the science of the pyramids and includes symbols to access interdimensional portals - this is no surprise when one theory believes pyramids were designed as portals! 

In a Sekhem healing treatment, you are viewed as a whole energetic system, with the physical body at the core. Primarily working in the aura or energy body, a practitioner channels energy through their hands, passing it directly or remotely into an individual’s energy field and body with intention. This energy is received at the level of the higher self. In Sekhem, healing is seen very much as a two-way process and the energy is fundamentally unconditional love in its pure form.

During treatments, some people often experience temperature changes and tingling sensations, as energy moves through the body. The energy comes through in the way most appropriate for each individual receiving healing and flows to where it is needed most. The energy is powerful, dynamic and expansive, yet at the same time, beautiful, gentle, feminine and loving.

Sekhem Energy Healing in the great pyramid

How will I benefit from a Sekhem treatment?

The benefits of Sekhem are many! Generally, after sessions, individuals feel a deep sense of peace and relaxation, lighter, clearer and more open. It helps to bring the body’s energy back into balance, which helps to prevent ill-health and releases, realigns and shifts blocked and stagnant energy around the body. These blockages are seen as the root of dis-ease.

It can also bring to the surface issues that may need to be dealt with, from a  deeper level of awareness, perhaps suppressed or repressed. The energy works at a cellular level and with intention supports any changes an individual is desiring to make.

Connecting us permanently and experientially at the heart centre with Source energy, Sekhem opens the way for transformation. Consistent use of Sekhem brings about the mental shifts necessary to create a life you desire, by increasing self-awareness and creating positive perception of the world and living. 

As a Sekhem practitioner, I can say that one of the greatest things you can do for yourself is to have a Sekhem healing treatment. More than words can express, its powerful energy is something to be experienced. If you’d like to feel the effects of a Sekhem treatment, I am offering the Otherness community a special discounted rate if you book before the end of April - simply enter FRIENDS at checkout!

Now that so many of us recognise the incredible gift that energy healing can be and as our innovative spirit continues to channel through the new forms of energy medicine necessary to support humanity’s awakening, one thing is for certain - the exponential growth of energy healing is spreading organically because energy healing is the medicine of the future!

Iman is a Womxn’s Circle Facilitator, Sekhem Energy Master, spiritual mentor and intuitive card reader.

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