PAUSE, TAKE IT IN, AND... Explore Your Intuition

An excerpt from Giselle La Pompe-Moore’s new book Take It In.

Take It In offers a no-nonsense, down-to-earth approach, because it's time to move away from the spirituality that's filled with gatekeepers, hierarchy, superstition and a ton of confusing concepts.

In this empowering book, spiritual and Otherness guide and teacher Giselle La Pompe-Moore reveals how doing the inner work and being spirit-informed will help you create the life you never thought possible. Here we share her chapter on exploring your intuition.

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"If you’ve got time today, then set an alarm for when it’s convenient, or block off some time in the next few days to do the practices below.

Allow 30 minutes minimum, but the longer you do it, the juicier it’ll be.

All you need is a comfortable space where you won’t be distracted and a pen and journal.

If you feel called to do so and want to get fancy with it, then set some crystals around you. The ones in my toolkit for this are: lapis lazuli (truth- seeking, meditation-enhancing and an aid for wisdom-seeking), amethyst (protection, intuition- boosting and the deepest sense of calm), selenite (energy-cleansing, balancing and spirit- soothing) and clear quartz (amplifying, clarity- producing and vision- defining). You can smoke cleanse, light a candle, or do whatever feels good.

Read through the following three practices to get a sense of what to expect. If you can, try them all out in this order. Try to come into them without any expectations or judgements. If you don’t get it, find it hard to stay in it, can’t do it, face resistance or not a damn thing happens, that’s all OK. It’s an exploration – whatever you discover here is just beautiful. It is what it is.

Giselle La Pompe-Moore


Close your eyes if that feels comfortable for you, or softly gaze at a spot around you.

Take a moment to land in the space by taking a few deep, expansive breaths, or feel your feet grounded on the surface beneath you. Then bring your attention to the space in-between your eyebrows, where your brow chakra is located.

Just feel into it, knowing that this is the energy centre of your intuition and perception. Feel this space expand and open up. You might visualise the colour indigo swirling around this space or you can try massaging this area with your index and middle finger.

Spend some time connecting to this space and bringing your attention here. Notice and explore how this feels and what arises.


As you step out of the first practice and into this one, ground yourself in the present moment and take three full breaths in your own time, in your own way. Then bring something joyful to mind – it might be a person that you love, a recent experience that made you happy or even something wonderful that you ate recently.

Hold it, bring all your awareness and attention to it and then go exploring. Witness where this image is. Do you see it visually? Can you hear anything associated to it? Are there any sensations happening in your body when you bring this to mind? Can you smell or taste anything? Go on a journey with your senses and see where you travel. If you lose focus, just come back to the joyful thing. Take your time to notice what comes through and which senses resonate with you the most or if anything else happens.


Shift now and move into a pause. To help you come into the present moment, find an anchor that will assist you in this moment.

You can focus on your breath, breathing in and feeling your stomach rise and breathing out feeling your stomach fall. If your breath isn’t feeling good to you today, then you can try focusing on the sensation of your feet on the ground beneath you or the feeling of your hand over your heart space.

Then, just be.


When you’re faced with stillness and space, what do you notice? Are any thoughts coming in? What are they? Do you immediately start imagining scenes or scenarios? Do you listen out and find things to hear in the space? Does your body temperature change? What is your body doing? Just see what’s waiting for you in the stillness and how you greet it.

Then, investigate what came up. In your journal write down what you explored during each of the practices, or whichever ones you tried.

Try to write without creating a story around it. So less, ‘I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it,’ ‘Nothing came through obviously, it never does’ and more just the experience and sensations.

Write down if any of your senses and those intuitive road signs came through more strongly than others.

See if you notice any patterns or similarities. 

Take It In: Do The Inner Work. Create Your Best Damn Life available here.

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