Oils for Daily Practice By Anja David

She shares more about her lifelong love affair with plants and how you can use essential oils daily to support yourself.

I have a lifelong love affair with plants and their magical powers to transform our emotional state. I can remember picking lavender flowers in my Grandmother’s garden. Lazy long Summer afternoons, saton a floral cushion in her sunny front room, watching her beautiful & weathered gnarly hands carefully stitching a cotton pillow for my dolls to sleep on.


I have a deep intuition that comes with my many years of working with essential oils, often, as I’m packing up my Reiki bag, on the way to treating clients - I’ll have a sense that certain oils need to come along with me that day. Cedarwood for loneliness, Rose for the brokenhearted, Helichrysum for shock & trauma, Copiaba for anxiety.

There’s so much magic to be found in these little brown glass vials. I offer online “Getting to know the Oils” classes,with a free-style of teaching that enables me to help others discover the oils that might help them with a myriad of presenting issues.

So how can you use oils?

Perhaps you have a few forgotten bottles in the bathroom cupboard, or maybe it’s time to renew your childhood memories of making rose petal perfume?

Here are a few of my daily practices to inspire you:

 I often start the day by dabbing a floral oil on my wrists & heart space. Rose, Jasmin, Neroli, take your pick…Florals will soften any hard edges and remind you of your inner Goddess, coming back to your soft but potent feminine power. (Men can do this too, my husband loves to use Bergamot after he’s shaved!)

If there’s any stress or anxiety in our house (and with 3 kids, it happens - a lot!), my go to is Wild Orange or Frankincense, depending on who it is and the severity of the story!

Wild Orange is happy & childlike, uplifting and great for feeling abundant. It’s also lovely to put a few drops along with a carrier oil (such as jojoba) in the bath.

Children especially respond well to Wild Orange, it calms & uplifts in equal measures.

Frankincense, nicknamed “The King of Oils” is utterly divine. It’s quite pungent, so you only need a little bit. You simply cannot remain stressed with Frank in the air! He’s very grounding and helps me to remember who I and what I’m here to do. Meditating with Frankincense is another way to self-regulate and calm your central nervous system.

For energy, to uplift & banish the afternoon slump – There’s nothing like a dot of Peppermint on the back of your neck & temples. So bright and peppy, it wakes you up and revives your spirit.This is also a wonderful way to relieve any head tension.

Before bed, I often diffuse oils in my bedroom, currently I’m in love with a blend of Lavender, Cedarwood & Juniper Berry, all helping to relax, unwind from the day, and feel grounded & safe.

Lastly, at lights out, a drop of Vetiver on the soles of my feet, anointing myself, breathing in & out deeply for a few rounds, this is deeply grounding and perfect for settling down to a good night’s rest.

Anja is an Intuitive Holistic Therapist based South London, discover her Otherness profile here.

Discover Anja's monthly “Getting To Know The Oils” class via her site here.

Anja is an Intuitive Holistic Therapist based South London, discover her Otherness profile here. She offers:

- Bespoke 1:2:1 Healing Sessions (in personat Dulwich Therapy Rooms and via zoom)

- EFT (Tapping)


- Hypnotherapy

- Reiki & Essential Oil Protocols

- Reiki 1 & 2 Courses


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