Meditation & Intuition By Fleur Leussink

We share an excerpt from Moving Beyond: Access Your Intuition, Psychic Ability and Spirit Connection by LA's psychic medium to the A-list stars.

Fleur Leussink has been named one of the best mediums by LA Magazine and her innate ability to communicate with loved ones 'in spirit' has connected countless families all over the world. Through inspirational and educational stories, her first book, Moving Beyond answers the questions that Fleur receives every day, taking the mystery out of mediumship.

Here, in our second piece, we share some of her wisdom and guidance from the book.

On meditation, basics

Thoughts are normal and meditation is not about stopping them; it is a practice of watching your thoughts and allowing them to release rather than going down the rabbit hole.

This rabbit hole is also known as ‘the monkey mind’, a metaphor for when your thoughts swing from branch to branch. Through watching thoughts in a meditative state you will gain clarity on the patterns they form. In this way, you can learn to distinguish these thoughts originating from the mental mind’s gymnastics from your own inner voice.

Meditation, more advanced

Passive meditation is a moment of surrender, so while intuitive information is not actively sought, these moments of mental stillness can be enough to allow the information to enter the mind. In a similar way, sleeping can also be useful, as it stops the repetition of worry and anxiety to make room for something else. While passive, it can make way for incredible insight.

There is also a more deliberate way to access the intuition.

‘Active meditation’ is meditation that aims to actively point your focus in a certain direction and deliberately invite in the intuition you’re looking for. This method starts by setting an intention on what you wish to receive, is followed by a passive meditation, and then asks a direct question to allow the information your spirit body contains to bubble up to the surface.

You can think of active meditation as taking a metal detector to the beach, looking for the information. In passive meditation, you’re just basking in the sun.

Meditation & intuition

This process to accessing directed intuition is not about control, but rather about choice and allowing. You are choosing to silence your mental mind, you are choosing to orient your focus and attention, and you are allowing some space for the information to enter your spirit body, move through your senses, and then enter your thinking mind. If the directed intuition is the act of turning your head towards your spirit body’s knowledge, then meditation is the neck that allows this movement to happen.

Moving Beyond is the perfect book for anyone desiring to know their own spirit and feel a reassuring connection to the people they have lost. Using anecdotes from over 15,000 readings and her own life story, Fleur provides exercises and steers so you can practice getting closer to connecting with spirit yourself.

Moving Beyond will help you to:

- Understand how intuition and spirit communication works.

- Have a practical understanding of your own intuition and how to recognise a connection with loved ones.

- Explore larger questions, such as 'what is my purpose?' and 'do we have free will?'

Available here.

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