How To Create A Crystal Ritual

Here we share an excerpt from The Crystal Apothecary by Gemma Petherbridge.


Whether you are suffering from stress, insomnia, loneliness or heartbreak, or looking to improve your relationships, attract wealth, or let go of your fears, the Crystal Apothecary by Otherness guide Gemma Petherbridge can recommend a crystal to help your cause.

With detailed descriptions of 75 crystals, their attributes and powers, information on how to select, cleanse and care for your crystals, and how to put them to use - whether by creating a crystal grid,meditating with your crystal, performing a crystal ritual or preparing an crystal elixir - this book will help you to harness the therapeutic power of crystals to heal yourself and transform your life.

Here we share an excerpt on creating your own crystal ritual.

Crystal Rituals

The aim is to work with and enhance your crystal’s properties. However, it is possible to go a step further and cultivate your own crystal rituals.

I particularly enjoy creating a ceremony when I want to focus on something I need to change in my life. It is the perfect way to release old energies and welcome in the new, and to cultivate the emotions,skills and mindset I’m expecting to need in order to achieve my goals.

Here is a suggested ritual that can be adapted for either letting go of the past or welcoming in the future. Although both theses sound like they could be done together, I would hold a separate ritual foreach. That way you give yourself time to process anything from the past, before moving your focus on to the future.

How To Create A Crystal Ritual

1 Start by creating a ritual circle large enough for you to sit inside. You can use crystals as well as petals, candles, photos or items that represent the four elements.

2 Choose an extra crystal that represents the ritual,ideally one relating to its theme.

3 Write down a detailed list of the things you are letting go of. 

4 Holding your symbolic crystal, step into the centre of the circle and sit down.

5 Mentally draw an energetic line between items that make up the circle. See their energy connect, then surround you.

6 Sit in silence for a few moments, focusing on your breath.

7 When you are ready, in your mind’s eye or out loud,welcome in the extra energies you wish to join you. This could be the elements,your ancestors, spirit guides or your guardian angels.

8 Focusing on your intention, pick up your list,declare I release, and then say each item on your list in turn.

9 Now rip up the list, place it under your symbolic crystal and visualize it taking on the energies you are willing to let go of.

Say I release, I release, I release.

10 Cleanse the symbolic crystal with sage or sound.

11 Sit in silence for a few moments. Traditionally you should sound a chime three times to show that the ritual is coming to an end.

12 In your mind’s eye, visualize the energies of each crystal in the circle retreat back into each one.

Stand up and leave the circle.

If you would like to welcome things into your future,you can follow the same steps, but make a list of everything you want to welcome in. In your declaration, use the statement I choose and instead of ripping up your list, see white light surrounding and blessing the list.

Position that blessed list under the crystal you have picked to represent the ritual.

See it emanating positive energies.

After the ritual has finished, place it on display asa talisman to represent your intentions. You do not need to cleanse this crystal, as you want to keep those positive energies flowing.

Taken from The Crystal Apothecary by Gemma Petherbridge is published by Godsfield Press (£14.99) available here.

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