How To Break The Habits That Hold You Back

Mary Ann Bojor takes us through the 10 holding you back and how to remedy them.

Mary Ann is a holistic energy healer, intuitive, and group facilitator of inner growth and is passionate about helping people step beyond their own conscious and unconscious limitations to enhance day to day personal and professional living. 

Here she identifies the 10 most common habits that hold us back and offers an easy way to start to counteract each.

1. Perfectionism

Is an outer layer often cultivated from perceptions and experiences rooted in childhood.  

Consider resolving the underlying root cause and notice if safety and control traits/levels are interlinked and proportionate to present requirements. 

2. Devaluation of body health

Is not always apparent until it reflects in the physical structure. It has the potential to stifle, creativity, intuition, energy levels and general health (Negative thought patterns and situations, Internal or external, can trigger stressful body & mind responses)

Practice Body awareness “Regular check-ins with the body, Notice stress factors in your environment, know when you need to rest when your nervous system is on red alert and when you require supportBody movement, talk therapy, yoga, massage, breathwork, energy healing, creative arts are also inward processes to assist in releasing blocked energy, emotion, trauma and revitalise wholeness.

3. Self-worth

Is often linked to when you feel less confident and disempowered in certain situations.

Revisit what influences your value systems and assimilate affirming expressions that nurture and empower

4. Limiting macro beliefs

Internalised unconscious bias doesn’t discriminate. It’s a universal layer to be reframed.  

To gain deeper insight into personal unconscious inner bias programmes source with compassion if these thoughts belong to you, and reframe them accordingly

Mary Ann Bojor

5. Living with disconnection

Often displays when out of alignment and not fulfilled, living from someone’s passions, and feeling disconnected

Cultivate and refine personal power and purpose as an inner and outer response which reflects positively on how you thrive whilst connecting to aligned interests/philanthropy etc

6. Imbalanced reciprocity

If you find yourself over or under giving, 

Start by looking at how available you are to yourself and reframe any imbalance.

7. Letting go

Of attachments to let more, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically to maintain balance and daily congruency.

Reflect on where you find yourself no longer aligned to old experiences, material items, low frequency emotions and limiting beliefs. Let go of what no longer resonates to make space for new opportunities.

8. Aligning to survivor energy

Discern the resonance of past patterns by remaining present on the task. Unresolved childhood experiences or transgenerational trauma can influence present-day situations.

Be conscious of what you require to thrive, unpack any old thoughts and actions that fuel a survival perspective.

9. Lack of focus.

Intentional thought is key

Clear thinking is enhanced when your body is nutritionally balanced. In addition, reconnection through nature and meditational practices support being, grounded present and focused.

10. Trust

Your inner instinct, refine what and who you discern to support you in life.

Where trust feels misaligned, check your inner trust ethos. 

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