Wellbeing 101: Five Tools For Grounding

Here are some useful tools for calming the mind and body and staying balanced and grounded:

City life is both exhilarating and exhausting, especially for the more sensitive amongst us. With work, responsibilities, relationships and social demands, it can be easy to lose your centre and experience feelings of anxiety or overwhelm. Here are some Otherness favourites to to stay balanced and grounded and encourage a calm mind:

Essential Oils

Lavender oil has been used for hundreds of years to calm the senses and promote restful sleep. Inhale from the bottle with a few deep breaths during the day, sprinkle a few drops on your pillow at night. Try blended with sesame seed oil for an ‘abhyanga’, the Ayurvedic self-massage, that is both nourishing and detoxifying for the nervous system.


Try a flotation tank experience and escape into your own personal aquatic bliss. This is a private pod filled with soothing Epsom salts, that will reduce stress and anxiety and promote deep relaxation and calm. We love Floatworks in London. 

Kitchen Alchemy

Cooking – it sounds simple, but taking the time to mindfully cook a beautiful meal for yourself and loved ones can be incredibly therapeutic. Try Jasmine Hemsley’s new book, East by West for some beautiful, conscious ways of cooking.

Sleep Yoga 

Yoga Nidra, meaning ‘yogic sleep’, is a style of guided meditation that allows deep rest and a tranquil state of consciousness, which lies between being awake and falling asleep. Try this one for ultimate relaxation. 

We love the Yoga Nidra Network, where free nidras and learning materials are available.


Herbal Help

Holy Basil, or ‘tulsi’ is an adaptogenic herb, used for thousands of years in India to help the body cope with both physical and psychological stress. Try Pukka’s version to soothe anxiety, promote mental clarity and lift your mood. It can also be enjoyed as a calming tea.

Alex Holbrook

Alex created Otherness in 2018.

Coming from a background working in communications and events, she wants to build a community of trust, a place where everyone, now matter their backgrounds or how they identify, can explore alternative wellbeing.

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