Eclipse Season Is Upon Us - Here's Our Guide To Getting Through It!

Ahead of the longest partial eclipse of the century taking place later this week, we spoke with ElJosef, astrologer, healer and shadow worker, on what these last major moon events will bring us for the end of 2021.

Eclipse season is upon us! 

Since the dawn of time eclipses have been viewed as an almost supernatural event. From the fifth century Greek historian ​​Herodotus recounting how a total solar eclipse stopped a war through to Einstein being able to prove his theory of relativity; eclipses are potent vessels for both introspection and illumination.

Ahead of the longest partial eclipse of the century taking place later this week, we spoke with ElJosef, astrologer, healer and shadow worker, on what these last major moon events will bring us for the end of 2021.

On Friday the 19th of November at 7.18am here in London the first of two major eclipses reach our shores, with as much as 92 percent of the moon engulfed by the earth's shadow. 

“Eclipses occur within the constant dance between the sun and moon, which deems a full moon and new moon, but also involves the nodes” explains ElJosef. “In astronomy, the nodes are the two points where the moon’s orbital path crosses that of the Earth’s around the Sun. This is known as the Ecliptic.”


North Vs South Nodes

“The intersection of these two points are referred to as the North-Node and South-Node in Astrology. For all life on earth, you can imagine the North-Node to be an energetic pull, whilst the South-Node acts as an energetic push. 

The South-Node represents a starting point for the soul, whilst the North-Node has the energy of destiny. The Nodes spend around 18 months in each astrological sign, their continual opposition creates an energetic collective direction which plays out in each of our lives.

On November 19th this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse falls in Taurus. 

The Sun will sit at 27degrees of Scorpio, next to the energetic starting point, whilst the moon is in the opposite sign of Taurus next to the North-Node; these two are exact opposite signs.”

Eclipse in Taurus? So, what does this mean? 

“Taurus deals with our value system and it’s on this basis you can identify the Venusian (meaning the characteristics of Venus) ways reflecting in the manifestation of Taurus, as it’s also linked with inner and outer beauty. Venusian energy is more than just outer beauty as it’s also linked to the things which we prioritise. 

We can see this in where we put our values; if you place significance on lower-frequencies then it will show in the personality and physicality of your character. In turn, placing value on higher-frequencies can be felt and seen in your approach. 

With that being said, this eclipse energy confirms the exposure of our true priorities by creating an energetic gateway that feeds off our sense of worthiness.

 The big question to ask yourself over this particle eclipse - Where do you want to increase your value

Is this financial, emotional, spiritual, physical or interpersonal? You can also utilise this energy to identify if you should decrease or increase the amount of worth and energy you place on something, someone or somewhere.”

This age of Aquarius is calling to release.

“This Eclipse is also linked to the Aquarius Season, with the end of January into February being particularly important. 

This is because the nodes will be at the exact point that this eclipse is happening. Meaning the nodes will be at the same exact point in Aquarius season 2022 that the Sun and moon are currently eclipsing at.

Try making space for the present moment and taking note of what you’re releasing, so you can check in with the same note when the Sun transits Aquarius in 2022 (generally what happens during eclipses plays out over two years)."

Essentially, this Lunar Eclipse in Taurus creates an opportunity to identify the traits and ties of our character that are incompatible with the new territory we desire to step into.

Buckle up, as another eclipse arrives in two weeks! 

“This energy is part of a sequel because 2 weeks later there is a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. 

This falls on December 4th and highlights the trajectory of our journey. 

New Moons occur when the Sun and Moon conjunct; they kiss each other. Additionally, the Solar Eclipse occurs when the Ecliptic has been activated by the previous Full Moon, a potent time of clearing everything that is in your way.”

Do you see how the Eclipses in Taurus and Sagittarius are linked? 

“The Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse exposes our sense of value by highlighting our prioritisation; enabling the Sagittarius New Moon Solar eclipse to paint the outline of the paths we enrol on. 

Your energy output is your enrollment, so you may want to reflect on who you are now and where you’re headed. Clear out the old to make way for what you want to become.

This Lunar Eclipse will test our ability to graduate the knowledge gleaned from our experiences, into the bank of wisdom we use to navigate through life. 

Obstacles may become clearer so you don’t procrastinate on the overcoming solution. Both of the Eclipse Energies are bringing up areas that can be smoothened and softened, as 2022 will require a powerful momentum because it will be momentous.”

But first a full moon...

“We have a final Full Moon of 2021 on December 19th in Gemini at 4am and then moving into Cancer at 9am, its powerful emotional home sign.

This will mould our energies together because Cancer rules the collective, so it’s important you use the Eclipse energies to establish your energetic position especially if you’re somebody who desires to make an authentic energy imprint. 

If you choose not to move on this energy, the last Full Moon of 2021 will have you intimately merging with the energy of others in your community, without clearing your own. 

The festive season will be more intimate and intense, as our sense of value continues to be in filtering. Moreover, the frequency is turning up a notch since many of us have been doing the work."

I hope this article assists you in making space for the big energies that are at play during the end of 2021. So that you can start 2022 as you mean to go on.

All perspectives in this article are my intuitive opinion based on the Tropical Astrology chart. Dates of moon are based on GMT time zone. 


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