Astrology & May 2022 by Beloved Sara Zaltash

Get ready for a month of amplification, acceleration and enlargement!

Promises planted late last Autumn bear bright blossoms, proof that better days do come. 

What does a hen imagine, while sitting upon her own lain eggs? What goes through her head, her heart, her body as she clucks and growls, patiently warming her promises? Does she sense the fragility and imminent glory of her contribution to the living Earth? Does she hum with the spark of life’s force pulsing inside each of her creations? Does she marvel, in awe, at the mysterious insistence of creativity exchanging material and immaterial form via the matrix of her body? Is she satisfied with her offering? From whom must she protect her precious brood? What will happen when her motives hatch? Is she ready? Will she ever be? 

This May’s energy commences in the fecund shade of the New Moon and transformative Solar Eclipse in Taurus on 30th April. When our Moon’s body blocks out the light of our Sun, casting a shadow on our Earth, our intuition turns rationality's dimmer switch way down, allowing cool darkness to soften the flawed and ragged edges of our day-to-day, covering up the mess that makes us doubt our true power. In this uncluttered peace, breathe deeply, trust the stillness, plant your most precious, most protected intentions. 

What changes have you been seeding and laying, warming and nurturing since November 2021, when the current Taurus-Scorpio eclipse cycle began? What do you long to receive from immaterial cosmic possibility, to channel into the sensual, touchable, tasteable Now? What means the Earth to you? This eclipse cycle is unusually long, ending properly in December 2023, thus extending our allotment of time to clear out old Scorpionic demons and tend to our Taurean terrains. In the first two weeks of this month - until the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on 16th May changes everything - tune into the energy of the clucking hen, the protective bull, allowing the shrewd, possessive, persistent and ambitious capacities of the Taurean Sun to provide you with the resources you need to endure this root and branch transformation of your path. 

Jupiter enters Aries on 11th May, heralding an energetic shift as notable as a glorious sunrise dawning on a rolling blue sea. Jupiter’s placement in the sky sets the tone for the next twelve months of faith, growth and opportunity. The great guru’s transit through the cardinal fire sign of Aries until 16th May 2023 promises to teach us how to externalise our wisdom, perform our passions profitably and discern our instincts from our impulses, all in order to ultimately fulfil our dazzling devotion to fortune. Sounds swell, right? Yes, and… 

While swift moves and glorious spectacles might turn your head when Venus enters Aries on 2nd May, Mercury’s retrograde in Gemini, starting on 10th May and finishing 2nd June, recommends that we press pause on any brash, bold or ballsy invitations and initiations until we have listened properly to what the teacher has to say. Wisdom trusts Nature’s timings. Mars’ entry into Aries, the sign of its rulership, on 25th May brings with it the clarity of direct orders from mission control. Long games have many plays; victory is a well-timed strike at the heart of the flame. 

What will your hen do on and after the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, when the shadow of the Earth will be cast upon the Moon’s surface? Dreams hatch open from soon-to-be discarded shells, spilling out the rank and perishing incubatory slime of primal, fertile, animal emotions. Give yourself space to let these powerful energies do their thing; life outlasts labour pains. This lunation squares authoritarian time lord Saturn making his stately transit through the late degrees of Aquarius, currently accompanied by dutiful temple-keeper Vesta. When we say “No more, I am finished!” to old, oppressive structures that have held our personal civilization-of-one together, we say “Yes, I am ready!” to new, sacred responsibilities, conferred by life’s flow over those who have sacrificed their outdated identities to the fires of metamorphosis. 

All this time, all month in fact, the asteroid Eros travels with the Sun and revolutionary Uranus in Taurus, weaving in and out of the eye-of-the-needle of destiny that is the North Node. Sexual love, creative passion and irresistibly wreckless desire receive overwhelming motivation to evolve our Love. While you inevitably lose yourself, blinded by stubborn affections, root-tangled amid the mycelium of mutating sensualities, know that your sex matters. This new chemical formula alters your erotic ecosystem until November 2023.

What is turning you on? What value do you place on bodies engorged with reciprocal want, on the alchemy of orifices touching?
Where and to whom could you give a fuck? 

Beloved Sara Zaltash (she/they)

They incorporate archetypal, evolutionary and western astrological techniques with fixed star analysis, herbal medical astrology, ancestral healing, ogham, Sabian Symbols, Gene Keys, guided meditation, grief tending (Francis Weller) and dreamwork (Toko-Pa Turner) to provide clients with the insight they need to live well.

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