Astrology: April 2022 by Beloved Sara Zaltash

You spy the dream castle of your heart's longing; now is the time to let divine light penetrate your deepest vaults, and fill your coffers. 

You can feel it, now, that magnetic mass under there. Sometimes, you even touch it with the tips of your toes. You swim out to the deepest parts of your inner ocean, gliding over the surface of your psyche, way out so far, to that limitless ink blue, where you lose sight of the familiar shoreline of choice and inheritance and trauma.

Floating here, befriended by sea birds and golden Sun’s songrays, moon-tipped spires and rusted weathervanes in the water graze your treading feet, nipping at your ankles, taunting you to submerge yourself and see what is interrupting your escapist dash away from the rough edges of life. You feel no fear. Drawing into your body the deepest breath you have known for the last two years - filling your chest so full that this one breath enacts a crossroads in the story of your embodiment - you dive deep below your crystal surface, and see it with your own senses, magnificently there: the lost civilization of your soul’s knowing. Flooded out by two years of pandemic, preserved in currents of hope and optimism, still glinting with promise.

This April’s gift is the lung capacity and determination to swim your own metaphysical territories despite intrusive currents, to make peace with the melancholy realness of old dreams carbuncled with neglect, and to make slow plans to steadily restore your sovereign soul to its glorious original imprint. This moment will pass, the time is now. 

April begins with a promising New Moon in feisty Aries, conjunct with daring Mercury and wounded-healer Chiron, enabling us to set intentions this month to unpick the knotted heart of ego-stories that have been blocking our creative potential. Pay close attention to the grammar of heroic tales of princes liberated from their gruffnosed beastliness by spontaneous acts of unconditional love.

You too can set your misunderstood demons free; just let them waggle their tushies in the light of your loving acceptance - you may have a lot to learn from their dance moves.

The New Moon is followed by two landmark aspects of 2022, namely the Mars/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on 4th April and the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces on 12th April.  Both Mars and Saturn’s operating principles are destructive - Mars by fire, Saturn by division - and so we would do well to put this soldier and commander to work for our own benefit in the fresh air of Aquarius’ pioneering vistas. Blast apart any blockages to progress, schedule operations to bore relentlessly through thick subterranean barriers to your personal authority, smash your way out of outdated traditions, and please remember to wear safety equipment. 

A week later, energetically antithetical to all this force and stamina, the gas giant Jupiter, in exaltation in Pisces, presses his magnanimous, expansive and discerning vibe up to dreamy, majestic, trident-swinging Neptune, this powerful masculine pair uniting to claim victory over the cosmos.

There they go, lubricating a new dream of sky and sea, disseminating a beautiful horizon of divine possibility, crowning your life’s work in laurels of oneness, and making a mess of your favourite dress.

Venus' entry into Pisces on 5th April will have set the scene for new love affairs, idealised romances and the construction of pedestals so high you could kiss the stars. Mercury’s entry into Taurus on 10th April will provide us insights about how to utilise alchemical processes that occur every day in the sensate world when working our own charms. Before the Full Moon in Libra beams out on 16th April, pause at least once between all that carpe diem to ask yourself, “when Autumn comes, will I go hungry?”

Desirous, value-drenched and liberated Venus’ glowing transit through Pisces will be well underway by the time of the Full Moon, which takes place in the Venus-ruled sign of harmony-mongering, diplomatically-inclined and aesthetically pleasurable Libra.

This month, expect your love life, your finances and your self esteem to sail into blessedly different waters to the choppy, mean-hearted seas that you may have been navigating since November 2021.

On the Full Moon, release neurotic, self-serving and sulky ways that have been used to shield yourself from the harsh winds of winter. Pluto’s square to the Full Moon means that you have access to absolute transformation, if you are willing to put in the thought, logic and grace to make it happen, and lay down the whining, manipulation and withholding of affections that make it boring. 

As the Moon wanes, let the intentions that you set on the New Moon gather closer to their essential nature, whittling away at the raw material of your personal heroism until you find an archetype that can stand tall among the gems and wishes that adorn your highest altar. The remainder of April builds up to the start of Eclipse season on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, when the potency of the partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus on 30th April is enhanced by Pluto’s stationing retrograde in Capricorn on 29th April, thus concluding the first third of an eighteen month process of solidification and dissolution which began in November 2021.

Check the houses in which Taurus and Scorpio appear in your own chart to understand where you will feel this shade and revelation, paying special attention to any planetary placements and aspects that connect the dots. 

The second half of this month is a time of unmatched glory, beauty and wonder - a time that will certainly bottom out, and cannot last. While this bliss may be auspicious for deepening spiritual understanding, and the omens portend to greatness, immaterial fantasies of intangible deities cannot provide a firm foundation to build the home that you will need for shelter through the storms.

Fill your coffers with faith, dear ones, and remember: no bread is baked with awe alone. 

Beloved Sara Zaltash (she/they)

They incorporate archetypal, evolutionary and western astrological techniques with fixed star analysis, herbal medical astrology, ancestral healing, ogham, Sabian Symbols, Gene Keys, guided meditation, grief tending (Francis Weller) and dreamwork (Toko-Pa Turner) to provide clients with the insight they need to live well.

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