Ask The Guides: I Have Recently Been Made Redundant, What Should I Do To Stay Positive?

Our Ask The Guides series is a weekly dose of support. We put your questions to them, whereby they can offer up their own insights to help you with whatever challenges you are facing.


Our Ask The Guides series is a weekly dose of support. We put your questions to our incredible guides, whereby they can offer up their own insights to help you with whatever challenges you are facing.

Spiritual Practitioner Robert Grey offers their wisdom.

I have recently been made redundant, what should I do to stay positive?


Let's honour this change because it's a lot. 

Take a moment, right now, reading this. 

Empty the lungs, then take a full breath in through the nose – holding it for a few seconds at the top – then sigh it out. 

Here we are. 

And this would really be my first encouragement; radical acceptance. To simply allow yourself to be, in this moment, as you are. And to repeat (out loud is often helpful):

'I accept this change. I accept myself in this change. I accept, and will move from where I am now.'

Keep gently saying this until you feel that moment of shift, where acceptance starts to be in your body. Go gently and compassionately with this work, radical acceptance is so titled because it is not always easy. 

It's a unique experience we are thrown into in moments like these; an invitation to intimacy with ourselves, particularly around our worth. What we believe ourselves responsible for, and capable of. So let's check in. 

How do you feel about this change? Does it feel containing or contracting? Is there fear in the uncertainty (can almost guarantee this one will show up)? Or does it feel open and freeing? Is there relief? Or, is it all of these? 

Many times when we are thrust from something, it is a precursor to incredible growth. So, find out how you really feel about this. I'd encourage a daily journaling practice to use as an emotional barometer. Because if we can acknowledge how we feel at any given moment, we can treat ourselves accordingly. Feeling lost or vulnerable? Call a friend, make your favourite snack. Feeling energised and invincible? Then go out into the world, meet some folks, delight in this freedom. Whatever we are feeling, we can begin to release or harness it simply through acknowledging it, and journaling is a really safe way to do this. Speaking openly with trusted friends and family is another. 

Image by Camille Brodard

When you're ready, go ahead and set up a routine for your days. Any combination of daily undertakings which feel right for you – getting up slowly, stretching in bed, brushing your teeth, drinking a large glass of water, making a hot drink, sitting with the hot drink, some journaling, a walk, an hour of emails / searches / professional development, seeing a friend, reading that book, eating something nourishing, napping, gym etc etc – but committing to these frameworks for each day. It'll not just keep you occupied, it'll give you the sensation of having achieved something each day (because you will have). Also, it's a chance to live a little differently for this period, so squeeze as much enjoyment from it as you can. N.B. Your daily practices can flex as needed, but it only becomes routine if you're doing it each day. 

Finally, my advice is to set some intentions. 

What are the ways you'd like to be working? How do you want to feel in a work environment? What are some of the things you'd like to see more of? And some of the things you need less of? Let this time be one of re-evaluation. If you must start afresh, then you may as well take the helm and steer the ship in a direction you want to head. These intentions will act as a north-star while you navigate new work opportunities. 

Now, it's time to simply surrender.
Let life surprise you.
This period could end up being one of extraordinary beauty and growth. 
Trust yourself, trust your experience, trust you still have much to accomplish. 

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