Ask The Guides: I Am Struggling To Eat Well

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This week, Nutritional Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Retreat Leader Mays Al-Ali helps one reader.

I am really struggling to eat well at the moment and it is affecting not only my energy levels but also my mood. 

What are foods that can stabilise my energy levels and also regulate my moods more, which I can also find in my local supermarket?

Mays Al Ali

Eating to nourish the body is so important to keep our energy levels stable.

Eating unprocessed whole foods with plenty of veggies and small amounts of fruits will increase antioxidants in the body supporting energy metabolism. 

I always recommend 3 portions of fruit and vegetables per meal (with only 2 fruit per day, the rest vegetables).

Trying to eat the colours of the rainbow is super important, as each different coloured fruit or veg gives us different antioxidant energy supporting benefits. 

Berries are your best friend! Their red and purple colours are super nutrient-rich and if budget permits, going organic is ideal as it will give you the most nutrients.

Most clients I see (especially if they are veggie or vegan) don't eat enough protein. Protein is essential for the growth and repair of all our cells; thus supporting our energy metabolism. 

Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that you can only get from eating protein-rich foods and it is needed to produce serotonin, our happy neurotransmitter in our brain; if you’re not eating enough protein this can actually negatively affect your mood. 
Serotonin is also needed to convert into melatonin which is our sleep hormone, essential for sending us to the land of nod efficiently. 

So as you can see, if you aren't eating enough protein, not only will it affect your mood negatively but also your sleep. 

Protein-rich foods include fish, eggs, legumes, tempeh/organic fermented tofu and meat, for a woman of roughly 60kg who is mildly active she will need to eat 1g of protein per kg of body weight which roughly equates to 20g per meal (palm size of fish/meat or 3 eggs!). If you are more active you will need to eat more like 1.2/1.4g per kg of bodyweight. 

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