Ask The Guides: I Am Miserable At My Job And Feel That I Have Lost Direction In Life...

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Here, Marilyn Fontaine, creative life coach  and Lucy Porter, Priestess of Magdalene and astrologer, give use their thoughts.

I am miserable at my job and feel that I have lost direction in life. Most people my age seem to have found their purpose, but I am 35 and still searching. Where do I start?

Lucy Porter

What a universally relatable question, my love. If it's any initial consolation, everybody at some stage in their life has felt this existential pondering. In-fact, every powerful new beginning in history started with someone feeling the way you do now. 

Honor your fed-upness, it’s communicating something profound to you; your soul is ready for a bit of magical change! The practice of Astrology has been long renowned for assisting people in finding their purpose. It is believed that every soul has a unique genius to share with this world, and a good chunk of this life is actually spent finding it. The ‘North Node’ is an Astrological placement, famous for directing individuals to their work on earth. Check yours, learning this is often profoundly illuminating for people who feel lost! In-fact, according to the Stars we don’t reach our full purpose until we are 51… so, you’re cruising babes! 

In all seriousness, It’s useful to remember there is no compassion and ultimately no destination, as Ram Das famously said ‘We are all just walking each other home.’  My advice is to keep it really simple. Start by tracking what feels good; in-fact write a list. What do you daydream about? What gets you excited? What makes you laugh or feel sexy? My inkling that the Purpose you are seeking, you will find in your joy. 

To help you on this quest, I recommend that you look to the Otherness Directory to find an Evolutionary Astrologer, who works primarily as a doula!

Marilyn Fontaine

I would start with something as simple as taking up a hobby, something totally unrelated to the job that you enjoy for the sake of it.

It could be a weekend workshop or an adult education course.

I could tell you to apply for certain jobs but chances are you would end up in the same place after a year. Therefore we are going to let your purpose find you first.

When we allow our right brain to engage in pleasurable activities it tends to come up with solutions and helps us to look at the bigger picture. Therefore when you take the focus of a ‘purpose’ you allow the mind to quieten so that your heart can speak.  

I have given my clients this advice for 20 years and they either find a new career or a new way to enjoy their current position.

Nothing that is for you, can pass you, if you just allow it to happen.

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Lucy Porter

Marilyn Fontaine

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