Psychic Ability, Reading Signs And Communicating With Spirit By Fleur Leussink

We share an excerpt from Moving Beyond: Access Your Intuition, Psychic Ability and Spirit Connection by LA's psychic medium to the A-list stars.

Fleur Leussink has been named one of the best mediums by LA Magazine and her innate ability to communicate with loved ones 'in spirit' has connected countless families all over the world. Through inspirational and educational stories, her first book, Moving Beyond answers the questions that Fleur receives every day, taking the mystery out of mediumship.

Here, we share some of her wisdom and guidance from the book.

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Philosophical take

An intuitive life is a life in which you are connected with your spirit to live the most expansive reality, not the socially deemed ‘perfect’ reality.

It is not your intuition’s job to make your life easy – it can make it easier, but that is not its ultimate goal. Instead, it is the intuition’s job to constantly and incessantly guide you back home to your spirit body core, the most expansive part of you that has always existed and will always exist. It guides you back because at the core of your spirit you desire to fulfil your purpose and reach your true potential.

On spiritual wellness

When you invite intuition to the table, everything can change. Giving your intuition room to speak, a chance to be heard and to be considered without immediate dismissal marries your internal world with your external reality. While the rational brain will get the last word at times, other moments allow intuition to lead the way and prove to you that it works on your behalf.

On clearing

Clearing spaces isn’t only for spots that feel like they have ‘bad energy’; we release a lot of our emotions, stressors and interactions into our environments and often, they leave some energetic residue, which it is wise to clear out regularly.

Human emotions such as grief, anger or frustration are not ‘bad’ and can be safely expressed to allow the nervous system to release and recalibrate. However, while you may have moved the energy of those emotions from your body, you have deposited them into your environment. At the end of your day when you go back home, you will step right back into the anger you left behind earlier. This can cause the anger to reactivate in your body, as it is easy for your own energy field to recalibrate to these ‘discarded’ emotions.

A regular clearing of your energetic environment will help you to stay in the present moment instead of being constantly pulled back into old energetic patterns.

Space clearing tools

 On grounding

Grounding is the process of calling yourself back home.

Coming back to the centre of you. Pulling back your energetic tethers from the rest of the world. Where is your attention oriented? Where is your energy oriented? You can’t work from a messy orientation. If you want to identify the important things you are intuitive about, you need to have a clean working surface. Energy flows where attention goes.

When people aren’t feeling their intuition

It may sound like a cliché, but time does heal. When you’ve experienced a particularly destabilising event, it can be hard to find your centre again. Intuition works through subtlety. Big emotions can blow subtle impulses out of the water completely. Your intuition has not abandoned you in these instances; it has simply taken a backseat while big emotions overshadow the subtle information your spirit body is receiving.

Psychic ability

If you don’t believe you have an ounce of psychic insight, then there is no hope for you.

I say this teasingly, but also with full confidence that the main reason you aren’t open to your psychic gifts is your limiting belief that you don’t have them. Doubt puts the brakes on your experience.

Psychic skills can’t unfold if you don’t allow them to. We exist within the realm of our own possibility. A limiting belief is something you believe to be true that limits you in some way. This can be about you, others or the world at large. If you accept this limiting belief, that is your truth.

Moving Beyond is the perfect book for anyone desiring to know their own spirit and feel a reassuring connection to the people they have lost. Using anecdotes from over 15,000 readings and her own life story, Fleur provides exercises and steers so you can practice getting closer to connecting with spirit yourself.

Moving Beyond will help you to:

- Understand how intuition and spirit communication works.

- Have a practical understanding of your own intuition and how to recognise a connection with loved ones.

- Explore larger questions, such as 'what is my purpose?' and 'do we have free will?'

Available here.

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