2022: Get Ready For The Spiritual Renaissance

Sade Jackson, The Astrology Vixen, gives us the breakdown of this year and how it is one for creatives and mystics!

In my community, we often talk about being born into a highly cosmic time in history, and 2022 expands our field of vision. But let’s have a quick debrief of yesteryears past... 

Saturn and Jupiter continue to show us why community is vital, which further highlights the glitches in the ‘system’ Both planets continue to remind people to live in their true purpose, no matter how ‘unconventional’ it may seem. The Nodes of fate, integrated sharp wisdom and intellect into the collective consciousness, so that we can reform the future. 

The great awakening has begun, but remember the revolution will not be televised. 

The clash of the titans, Uranus and Saturn calls its followers to ‘pick a side’ In summary, are you going to take the red pill or the blue pill?

As the Sun crossed the chalice of 2021, we can now open our emerald curtains to the sunrise of 2022. 

A spiritual renaissance is the guiding force for the year. 

One of the main astro events of the year is the Nodal change to the Taurus and Scorpio axis on January 19th. The Nodes in astrology are our points of destiny, it is our North star to help us understand the gifts from the past, and the process we take to will them into being. 

This shift explores the realms of integration and embodiment. The mantra for this transit is ‘Heal thyself’ Integrating somatic healing practices in your daily routine has the power to guide you back into your true home - your body. Valuing our wellness, and refusing to trade that in for ‘material exchanges’ is the higher message for this transit. On a collective note, I believe homeopathic practices will continue to gain more recognition from the mainstream audience. 

Looking to February, Venus and Mars synchronize in the dance of love and lust. 

Between February 1st and April 3rd, there's a chance to re-energize your physical senses, and embrace a heavy dose of hedonism. 

Our social lives will be booked and busy during this time, and we invite pleasure to a ‘welcome home party’ . In this rare event, that this transit falls on Valentine’s day, it may be a highly lustful one. 

On April 12th Jupiter joins forces with Neptune in Pisces. Be brave and put on your dorothy shoes, as the beaming light of Jupiter and Neptune ushers you into the land of Oz. This is a once in a lifetime portal to experience boundless spiritual activations and visionary revelations. If you’ve been coasting through a creative lull, this transit will inspire fresh new insights to play with. Calling all Pisces folk, whether it’s your Sun, Moon or Rising, you may be initiated into your mystic powers. 

When in doubt leave it to the God’s to weave the invisible strings for the greater good of humanity. Eclipse cycles are a time of deep surrender, trusting the direction of wherever the pendulum swings. 

The dates to note in your diary are April 30th, May 16th, October 25th and November 8th. 

As these eclipses take place in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio, we’ll likely feel inclined to release any blockages or fears regarding our sensuality and sexuality. Our sexual energy is a powerful vortex to get in touch with our truest desires. 

The wager of war Mars spins into retrograde motion on October 30th until January 12th 2023. Essentially, this is a time to assess your hidden motivations. Gemini is the strategic captain, who can help us to see the truth of our unconscious behaviours. A key question for this transit is ‘What mental constraints are keeping me captive from moving forward?’ Gemini is notoriously known for it’s trickster ways. Be mindful, not to step into any traps that may lead you astray. 

Sade The Astrology Vixen

Her mission is using astrology as a source of healing, wisdom, and self-discovery. Through studying the ancient practice of Astrology, it has further awakened her divinity, in remembering the limitless possibilities of our innate magic.


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