14 Herbalism Instagram Accounts To Follow

We share our favourite follows for herbal inspiration and education

With the changing climate and escalating biodiversity loss, our connection to, and awareness of, the natural world is needed more than ever before. Herbalism is a powerful way to connect to the earth and natural environment. By healing our connection to the land through education and curiosity, this practice has been essential to evolution and to live in harmony with nature. 

Foraging is something that has become the norm in many households. From the wild garlic of spring and the crabapples of the summer to the autumnal goodness in the form of glossy blackberries and rosehips that branches weigh heavily in abundance. Medicine gardens and ancestral recipes supplement illness and holistic healthcare practices, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, relies upon the use of herbs. 

80% of the world's population depends on medicines derived from plant remedies and the respect and space for plant medicine is growing.

To connect with the herbalist community and learn more about herbalism, from creating tinctures to responsible foraging and growing your own medicinal garden, follow these inspiring Instagram accounts:

Hackney Herbal
Myrobalan clinic
Herban Cura
Poppy Okotcha
Brigit Anna Mcneill
​​Erin Lovell Verinder
Jess Turner of Olamina Botanicals 
Anima Mundi Apothecary
Foraged by fern
The Herbal Academy
Healing Weeds
Moon Mother Apothecary 
Wild Flower Herbal School
Foraging Gardner

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