Marilyn Fontaine (She/Her)

Creative Life Coach, Workshop Leader and Mixed-Media Artist

Marilyn Fontaine aka Mjfontaine is an East London-based mixed-media artist, creative Life coach and workshop leader for creative-based business women who want more success income and ease. Her work embodies esoteric and human cultural themes includinghuman values and our connection and relationship to something greater.

Marilyn's desire to do more came from experiencing Panic attacks at age 21 when she gave up a fashion career after being disillusioned with the cutthroat industry.

Feeling isolated and alone, she wondered if other creative women were letting go of such a crucial part of themselves because there was no support, systems, or ways to manage their energy AND succeed.

After researching health, spirituality, and the mind she knew there had to be a way to take back her creative soul AND succeed. Marilyn has gained training in Bodywork, Reiki, Taoism, NLP, Aromatherapy, and various other Metapsicyal subjects.  

So after twenty years of working in the Personal Development industry, as a Healer, Workshop Teacher, and Coach, she has created the Powerfully Aligned System and has become determined to help other creative-based business women lead their creativesouls to success.

As a mixed-media artist, Marilyn creates magical, and intense narratives with mystical overtones.

The theme of her work documents the feminine aspects integral to her journey and are heavily influenced by the rituals and practices of Indigenous cultures and the connection of healing using storytelling and nature.

Marilyn’s work is often intense, witty, bold juxtaposed and ironic with strong cultural references and paradoxically an ethereal aesthetic as the artist feels strongly connected to nature, ritual, community, and the human experience.

Her work embodies esoteric and human cultural themes including human values and our connection and relationship to something greater.

Marilyn’s work also has the ability to connect and engage the public, provoke discussion, and create an inward dialogue due to the personal nature of her work both as a coach and an artist.

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