Desiree Diaz (She/Her)

Energy Healer, Witch, Shamanic Practitioner, Womb Healing & Women Circle Facilitator

Desiree is a witch, shamanic practitioner, energy healer, womb healing and women circle facilitator.

In all her offerings she creates a sacred space for you to feel held and experience Magick in a safe way. Through her close relationship with Plant Spirits, she facilitates a deeper connection to nature and guidance that the Spirits want to share with people.

As a Sacred Space holder and Certified Global Sisterhood Circle Facilitator, she loves creating safe Circles to share moments of wisdom and emotional healing through meditation and sacred rituals. Desiree's oracle card readings are a deeply personal way to connect with any messages that come through from our spirit guides by the cards or clairvoyant messages.

Through her Womb healing and Yoni steaming she helps people reconnect to their womb and bring healing with any issues relating to cycles, while her Reiki energy session helps releasing stuck energies and make you feel grounded.

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