Daughter North (She/Her)

Reiki, Sound, Channel

Originally from Sweden, Maria moved to London in her early 20’s in search for herself and life experience. Maria has had her healing and psychic abilities sense a young age, her spirituality was always encouraged by her grandmother who also had the gift,  and she energetically opened up fully and stepped into her souls purpose in 2017. Leaving behind a very successful career in hospitality events and marketing, Maria started her holistic professional journey by completing her Yin Yoga teacher training, and began teaching yoga with private clients and at several yoga studios in London.  She continued developing her holistic career by attuning herself with Reiki, and gained her Reiki I & II certificate in 2018. She has sense then developed her skills within light codes and quantum healing and have used this knowledge to created her signature healing style; Light code Healing.

Always assisted and guided by her spirit team Maria’s teachings are empowering, transformative and paradigm-breaking as you are taken on a deep journey of self- discovery and self-realization.

Maria has used her gifts and abilities to channel information and healing and totally transform her life, she has guided herself through homelessness, grief and divorce. Learning more about herself and the magic within this world  -and the others -  on the way.

Maria heals with channeled Reiki energy, sound vibrations and Light Code technology from higher civilizations. By receiving regular downloads from The Artchurian council she have learned how to navigate realities and timelines and how to co-create within higher realms of existence. Maria also translates, teaches and channel Light Language, a coded medicine language speaking directly to, and healing your soul.
Maria has opened up even further to unfolding her abilities as a physic medium and now have regular conversations with spirit to receive guidance not only to elevate and enhance her own earth-bound journey, but also to support yours.

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