Alternative Wellbeing Consultancy

Wellness is no longer a trend.

The world has changed.

Over the past year there has been an unprecedented change the world over. Alternative wellbeing is no longer a curiosity, it is a way of life that supports mental health.

According to the Global Wellness Institute:
"People are seeking experiences that ignite their sense of purpose and meaning."

Otherness consults and curates bespoke experiences to support hotels, venues and brands in building unique, unforgettable offerings.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish a new era whereby everyone can access the highest quality resources to support emotional and spiritual growth, in a simple way.

What We Do

The Otherness team works as an extension of yours and wholly owns your
wellbeing activation.

Whilst we have a focus on alternative wellbeing, our remit incorporates everything wellness.

We have a 360 approach, after all, we have built wellbeing offerings from the ground up, to develop places and brands into being synonymous with healing.

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We are creating a new era for wellbeing.

Otherness is setting a precedence of quality, authenticity and integrity within the growing wellbeing industry.

When you collaborate with us, it is a mark of not only quality but also professionalism.

Get in touch, we love creating incredible experiences.

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