The Crystal Swap Shop by Daughter North

January 30, 2022 2:00 PM
January 30, 2022 5:00 PM

The Crystal Swap Shop is an afternoon filled with Crystal magic created and hosted by Maria, Daughter North, and special guests! 

At the first event will have the opportunity to learn about crystals from our crystal expert BarbraMay in her signaturemasterclass The Intuitive Crystal Connection, covering:

·      How to pick your crystal and how to identify it

·      How to read the energy of a crystal without using a guide

·      How to cleanse and look after your crystals (You can then put this into practice in TheCrystal Cleansing Area with Barbra’s guidance)

·      How to use a crystal and how to activate them

·      Open crystal Q&A

You can buy new crystals and crystals accessories in the shop, clean your new crystals in the Crystal Cleansing Area and enjoy a singing Bowl Sound Bath to energetically charge yourself and your new stones! (Limited space)

But now to the other exciting thing about this event - The Crystal Swap Shop!  

This is an event created for all those beautiful stones which have been sitting on your shelf, or kept in a drawer,for aaaaaages. This is an event for the stones which has completed their time and work for you. Here, they can be swapped with other people's stones so they can be put to work again and so they can be loved by someone new, and at the same time, you can bring home some new crystal babies too. It’s a win-win!

“As a crystal lover I’m always adding crystals to my collection, and I realized that I have some crystals I haven’t touched or worked with for years. As I am no longer drawn to them, I understand that my time with these particular crystals is complete. They have supported me as long as they should. As they hold all that beautiful power, I wanted to find a way to help them find their way to the next soul to support. Taking into consideration the over-mining of crystals and sustainability in general, I came up with the idea of swapping. I’ve been to clothes swaps in the past. and came up with the idea of a Crystal Swap-Shop.

I expanded on the idea by hosting talks,workshops, and events at the Swap-Shop too. I decided to collaborate with other crystal experts so that when you visit the Crystal Swap-Shop you will leave,not only with a set of new crystals but also the knowledge of how to properly care for them and let them work their magic for you!

What you need to know:

·      You can swap a maximum of 5 crystals

·      You need to know the name and follow the guide below to get the size of crystal, and you need to know a a few of it’s qualities

·      Your crystals will be labeled as metal, copper, silver, gold or rose gold depending on rarity and size

Sohow does it work?

  1. When you buy your ticket you have the space to add the crystals you     like to swap. You have to provide the name, approximate size and a few     properties of your crystals.
  2. Arrive from 13:45-14:15 to drop off your crystals to one of the     hosts. Your crystals will have ready-made tags with the details you have     provided and with your name on the back, pair your crystals with their     tags and confirm you are happy with the value they have been given.
  3. Each crystal have been labeled, and you will be given tokens with the     same label that you will use to adopt your new stones.

For example: Ifyou have registered to swap 3 x crystals given the silver label you will receive 3 silver tokens. With 3 silver tokens you can pick up 3 silver, copper or metal crystals to give them a new home. The value of your crystal covers the same or lower labeled crystals.

  1. Once you have dropped off you crystals, and received your tokens, enjoy a complimentary warm drink and settle in for Barbra May’s masterclass
  2. After the masterclass you’re all welcome to enter the swap shop and     find your new crystal babies, bring them - and anything else you like to     purchase - over to the till and exchange your tokens for your new stones,     then head over to the Crystal Cleansing Area and give them a good cleanse     - if you want to.

The Swap Shop Time Table

13:45 - 14:15 Crystal Drop Off, Tea & Coffee

14:15-15:00 Crystal Masterclass by Barbra May:The Intuitive Crystal Connection

15:00-16:00 Crystal Swapping & Shopping

16:15-17:00 Crystal Meditation & Singing Bowl Sound Bath (limited space, premium ticket required) by Daughter North




Barbra is a teacher and practitioner of modern mysticism. She works as a spiritual therapist that is able to read and identify energies sometimes using Tarot as well.

She has been able to read and identify energy from a very young age. Barbra is here to guide and teach spirituality, and most importantly making it relatable and for you to understanding it. If you would like to dive deeper into crystals and all things magical you can listen to her podcast called the Barbra May show available on all the podcast platforms, her podcast is in the Top 1% Most Popular Shows out of 2,729,323 podcasts globally.

Barbra is our crystal expert at the event and is on hand to answer all your crystal related questions and provide guidance in the cleansing area and when you pick your new stones.

If you were to schedule a one to one session at the event with Barbra - to be held within 2months - you will enjoy a 25% discount. Please speak to her at the event and book your one to one energy reading.







The host

Daughter North

Maria, Daughter North, is a light worker and medium. Sheguides with oracle cards and heals within the higher galactic realms.

Maria has used her healing gifts and ability to channel information from spiritto totally transformed her own life; she has guided herself through homelessness,grief and divorce by establishing a strong spiritual practice and living a holistic lifestyle in alignment with her hearts true north. Maria has learned how to navigate realities and timelines within the quantum field and she nowco-creates within higher realms of existence. She knows firsthand just how powerful various crystals can be in supporting you though different challenges inlife, and is so excited to  invite you to her latest event, all about crystal magic.

Maria heals with channeled Light Code technology from the higher galactic civilization; The Archurian council of Light. Maria has received knowledge and galactic upgrades as a Archurian starseed on this earth, guiding herto channel this information and creating her signature healing session: LightCode Healing. In this session Maria activates your energetic blueprint to read your light codes, she then channels Light Language (a coded medicine language speaking directly to your soul) and upgrade distortions and low-vibrationalcodes that no longer serves you - healing you on a cellular and energetic level. She also uses her powerful healing abilities to heal previous timeline trauma (past life healing), cut energetic cords and do any required inner child healing.

Maria also holds a diploma in reiki healing and regularly incorporated this traditional energy healing modality alongside the power of crystals and sound vibrations in her healing sessions.

In the last few years Maria Has opened up even further to unfolding her abilities as a physic medium and now offer transformative one to one Oracle Cards and Psychic readings.

If you were to schedule a one to one session at the eventwith Maria - to be held within 2 months - you will enjoy a 25% discount. Please Speak to her at the event and book your one to one Oracle Card reading or healing session.



Daughter North (She/Her)

Originally from Sweden, Maria moved to London in her early 20’s in search for herself and life experience. Maria has had her healing and psychic abilities sense a young age, her spirituality was always encouraged by her grandmother who also had the gift,  and she energetically opened up fully and stepped into her souls purpose in 2017. Leaving behind a very successful career in hospitality events and marketing, Maria started her holistic professional journey by completing her Yin Yoga teacher training, and began teaching yoga with private clients and at several yoga studios in London.  She continued developing her holistic career by attuning herself with Reiki, and gained her Reiki I & II certificate in 2018. She has sense then developed her skills within light codes and quantum healing and have used this knowledge to created her signature healing style; Light code Healing.

Always assisted and guided by her spirit team Maria’s teachings are empowering, transformative and paradigm-breaking as you are taken on a deep journey of self- discovery and self-realization.

Maria has used her gifts and abilities to channel information and healing and totally transform her life, she has guided herself through homelessness, grief and divorce. Learning more about herself and the magic within this world  -and the others -  on the way.

Maria heals with channeled Reiki energy, sound vibrations and Light Code technology from higher civilizations. By receiving regular downloads from The Artchurian council she have learned how to navigate realities and timelines and how to co-create within higher realms of existence. Maria also translates, teaches and channel Light Language, a coded medicine language speaking directly to, and healing your soul.
Maria has opened up even further to unfolding her abilities as a physic medium and now have regular conversations with spirit to receive guidance not only to elevate and enhance her own earth-bound journey, but also to support yours.

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