The Art of Tantric Massage

February 12, 2022 9:45 AM
February 12, 2022 5:00 PM

Meet and connect with like-minded others, whilst enjoying sensual interactive games.

This event offers you an opportunity to deepen self-awareness. It promotes spiritual upliftment and transfiguration. It will be a playful, relaxing and fun day.

Blending the physical experience with Spirit offers you an opportunity to experience a cosmic divine energy within Massage. You may deliciously nourish your whole body and Soul. What an amazing way to heal through love, pleasure and joy! We offer a safe and happy environment. Here you may learn to feel ecstatic in your own skin and to increase self-love as a celebration of your being as well as that of others.

Sensual massage is lovely. It awakens the body. On this practical workshop you will be guided as you learn how to give a sensual massage. This massage workshop is suitable for those with or without massage training. It is beneficial for those who wish to increase their sensitivity to the needs of a partner.

This tantric massage is practised with reverence and respect for the goddess/god in front of you. Boundaries and consent are respected at all times. Attendees will be paired off in male/female couplings, (although a couple of whatever binary or non-binary gender who attend together may continue to work together).

All practices are by invitation only, and are never instructions. It is your choice where you wish to draw your boundaries and what you consent to. You remain a sovereign being at all times.

People find that this massage is a way to re-connect with themselves and their emotions. It helps people to gain self-confidence and self love, both in their own skin, and in working with the opposite gender. Full respect is given to the emotional journey of participants, and it is recognised that buried and suppressed emotions may arise on this journey of self-discovery. We will endeavour to support you during the session with any emotions that surface.

Tantra is a path of awakening to the sensual joy and pleasure found in all life, in every moment. It is a path of living in complete harmony within your own being, and in your relations with others.

Discover how the power of the group can amplify subtle energies. It can enhance a healing process and offer states of magical bliss. You may experience a shift in perspective and being lifted to new heights.The workshop aims to help you to improve your relations with others and to open to your own joy and pleasure!

For your comfort and protection, non-latex gloves will be provided, as well as natural massage oils.

Tickets £220 (no ticket fees)

*Singles welcome

*Couples availability 2 tickets for the price of 1. DM us for details

*Woman's ticket available by donation

At this day long event you will learn about:

• Boundary setting, consent and non-consent • Conscious touch• Sensual Massage skills• Being Heart centred• Honouring the divinity within each other• Being connected with Source energy• The benefits of Tantric Massage• Tantric whole body massage skills• Female anatomy and erogenous zones• Yoni Massage (external only)• Male anatomy and erogenous zones• Lingam massage• Promoting well-being and healing for the whole body and soul• Awaken higher states of consciousness through bliss


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Neals Yard

Covent Garden



Verka (She/Her) and Rob (He/Him)

People love the energy, laughter and connection that this pair of trainers exemplify. They share a deep engagement with higher Spirit, and God/Goddess energy.

‘The Art of Tantric Massage’ workshops are regularly run in central London. People may attend as a step on their personal healing journey or to learn new techniques. Attendee’s in these gender balanced events are both singles and couples.

Verka and Rob are master’s of sensual touch. They aim to help practitioners to transmute eroticism into a cosmic state of personal awareness.

Rob and Verka have received training from renowned Tantric teachers. They both have many years of practice in massage. They are regular practitioners of yoga and meditation.

Verka is drama school trained and has appeared in film, television and the Arts. Verka has featured on Louie Spence's Showbusiness reality TV show and in the 2008 feature film, Bigga than Ben. She is a professional model. Verka is a member of a School of Tantra.

Rob works as a complementary therapist, providing massage, reflexology, energy healing and crystal therapy.

‘Explore Multi-Orgasmic Energy!’ a further workshop run by Verka and Rob, introduces people to the human energy field. In this no-touch, clothed workshop, couples learn to empower erotic energies in each other and to open chakras, with an aim to experience blissful orgasmic states of being.

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