Owning All of Us: An Embodied Workshop for Women

November 26, 2022 4:00 PM
November 26, 2022 7:00 PM

Imagine for a moment:

Feeling more comfortable in your own skin

Being able to more effortlessly express yourself

Connecting with others more easily

Having more energy without having to struggle to ‘fit in’ or 'be nice'

Being free of societal conditioning about what is likeable or appealing

Navigating life as your complete, integrated self instead of feeling the need to hide the parts of you that you think people won't like

As women, societal conditioning has overly focussed on how we come across to others. We've learned to judge ourselves on how likeable, attractive, easy-going and appealing we are.

We've learned to fit in, to make others feel at ease, to get out of the way, to stay safe by not drawing the wrong type of attention to ourselves, so we moderate our behaviour and hide the less appealing sides of ourselves.

But keeping parts of ourselves concealed and managing other peoples’ opinions of us uses huge amounts of energy.

If left unchecked, it can burn us out, hold us back, and ultimately rob the world of crucial aspects of our own unique magic.

The darker, winter months almost feel like an invitation to turn towards some of the darker, winter parts of ourselves. The parts of ourselves which cause us to feel shame or that we hide in order to ensure we’ll feel accepted.

Only when we offer the displaced parts of ourselves some space and acknowledge them, can we fully integrate them and embody our whole energetic and emotional spectrum once more.

  • As we move into Autumn and Winter, do you feel exhausted and low, dreading the coming months?

  • Maybe slowing down, and moving into hibernation season triggers feelings which you were able to bypass through the summer months?

  • You might feel frustrated with your lack of energy or lower mood, telling yourself to ‘snap out of it’ and pushing yourself to be productive and the 'normal' you - but it’s taking an unsustainable level of effort and you feel on the brink of burnout?
  • Or perhaps you're checking out, becoming distant, passive and detached from emotions?

  • You might resent that you aren’t being the ‘best’ version of yourself and find yourself hiding away  because this ‘imperfect’ version of you isn’t how you want to be perceived.

In this workshop Lisa (Clinical Pyschologist) and Molly (Embodiment Therapist) will create a safe space for us to skillfully and compassionately connect to our shadow selves.

Using embodiment techniques, nervous system regulation tools, psychological  reflection and open sharing we will collectively create a container for us to re-integrate these suppressed parts of ourselves into our conscious awareness.

Hour 1: Recognising what we’re hiding and holding in the body

  • Grounding & arrival
  • Introductions & intentions
  • Practice of remembering an experience
  • Guided movement and body scans to bring that narrative into felt sense
  • How our memories affect our physicality in the present

Hour 2: A Deep Dive into Shadow Archetypes

  • Review shadow archetypes
  • Reflection questions to help you identify your own shadow traits
  • Identify which traits you would benefit most from integrating into your conscious experience
  • Enactment exercises to facilitate awareness of how these suppressed shadow traits can interrupt our communication and affect our relationships
  • Bringing that experience into the present using guided movement and body awareness practices
  • Reflection and sharing

Hour 3: Integrating and Embodying Shadow Qualities

  • What felt uncomfortable & what felt easier or more doable?
  • Select one that felt available to change moving forwards
  • Identify the people and scenarios in your life where you could practice embodying your identified trait in a safe setting
  • Visualising & practicing how it be expressed differently in the future

This workshop will help ground us to a foundation of worthiness, from which we are more effortlessly able to express ourselves, connect with others and just be; without wasting energy struggling to ‘fit in’ or 'be nice'.

We’ll shake off the societal conditioning about what is likeable or appealing and unlearn the messages that we require work to be acceptable or worthy.

We’ll learn tools to navigate our lives from our complete integrated selves instead of being restricted by feeling the need to hide our shadow selves.

We'll feel lighter, more free, less burdened by embarrassment, judgement, fear and 'shoulds'.

We'll learn how to really, truly have our own back.

Bristol - Embracing our Shadow to live in our Wholeness

£50.00 GBP

London - Embracing our Shadow to live in our Wholeness

£50.00 GBP

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