Online Breathwork with Kerry Veitch

November 17, 2022 7:00 PM
November 17, 2022 8:00 PM

This event is by donation. Recommended £5 / £10.

You can choose a self-determined fee that feels right to you.

I want this to be affordable for those who are not in abundance right now -please tick friends and family.

The Sacred Breath sort code 30 – 98 - 97 Acc. No – 5912 6260 Lloyds Bank, England.Learn about breathwork from the comfort of your own home. No previous experience required.

You will be guided each week, with a chance to delve deeper into your own inner world, expect guided meditations, different breath techniques, and a 35 min conscious connected breathwork session. Come and experience the power of group healing, where we all learn and grow from each others experiences.

Please note this practice does not replace medical advice. If you experience any of the following, you should consult your GP or healthcare provider first:Taking any strong medications or have any medical conditions such as: schizophrenia, bi-polar, epilepsy, heart conditions, delicate pregnancy, detached retina or glaucoma, thyroid conditions, diabetes, brain or abdomen aneurysm.If you experience any of these please contact me first.

‍We also share a space that requires privacy and confidentiality and by registering you are agreeing to honour this.This meeting is on Zoom.

Download this for free BEFORE the session :

You will need a good pair of headphones, a pillow, blanket and somewhere comfortable to lie down.

By reading this waiver you agree to take personal responsibility for yourself.

The facilitator will guide you in a safe space but cannot be held responsible for any mental, physical or emotional challenges which may arise from this work.

Kerry Veitch (She/Her)

Kerry Veitch first experienced conscious connected breathing in 1993, she trained with AIR School of Breathwork as a Rebirthing Practitioner, and then more recently with Alchemy of Breath (AoB), where she has worked for the last 4 years, graduating as a Master of Breath, Practitioner and Trainer.

Kerry brings 20 years of experience as an innovative and creative event project manager to all her work. Combining this passion for bringing people together in the spirit of collaboration and community, for personal and collective growth, she is helping to develop and deliver the Facilitator training program at AoB, producing Breathe A Festival of Life 2022, is on the board of the British Rebirth Society and is offering her own group breathwork sessions online, as well as 1:1 sessions and retreats. She has also run group breathwork sessions at several UK festivals.

As a breathworker Kerry’s very grounded nature holds a very safe space for the breather(s). She holds the clients in the possibility of their highest potential and is committed to the unfolding and the honouring of each person’s own journey. Her approach is gentle and intuitive, using her skills and experience to support the breather in whatever may arise. Kerry also fuses more embodied practises into her work, such as energy work, Internal Family Systems and Eugene Gendlins Focusing.

Kerry founded The Sacred Breath her own breathwork practise and Breathe A Festival of Life , an annual weekend retreat that celebrates all modalities of breathwork in 2018, with the intention and capacity to spread the incredible, transformational work that can be done simply by using the breath.

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