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A six week journey of exploring and healing your relationship with food and the body, gaining insight into the impact food has on your relationship with yourself and your life, and learning practical tools and systems to help you move forward with true joy and nourishment. Starts Saturday, November 5th 2022 at 10 am GMT.

The Journey Home

We would like to start by introducing you to someone. Someone very special. Someone who yearns for your admiration and affection and who wants to work with you as a partner, an ally, and wants to protect and defend you. Someone who communicates to you in every moment, but often struggles to be heard. Someone who may need support as you begin to heal their trust in you. Someone who carries out thousands of functions in a day just to keep you alive. We want to reintroduce you to your beautiful body! The house of your soul. Your temple. Your precious human technology which is the lens for all your human experiences in this life. We want to take you on a journey back home to your body.

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Nourishment is Key

Many of us are disconnected from our body. There is a lot of confusion about which foods are right for our individual needs, due to conditioning and learned behaviours picked up from a heavily saturated society obsessed with appearance and diet culture. One of the biggest disconnection catalysts we have as humans is focusing on the way we look rather than the way we feel. This translates into our relationship with food and we can begin to manifest a distorted relationship with it. Most people on the planet, at some point in their lives, will have a distorted relationship with food. Distorted eating is any relationship and behaviour towards food that promotes or harbours any fear, shame, guilt, obsession, scarcity or denial. All of these distortions take us away from what our relationship to food was designed to be; nourishing.

How did we get so far away from this simple, wholesome concept that so many of us struggle to apply? Trauma, emotional and nervous system dysregulation and believing others' perspectives over learning to listen to our own unique compass, has encouraged us to tune out. We have learned to disconnect.

When we don’t love the way we look, we control our food. When we control our food with restrictions, we can keep ourselves small. When we overindulge, we can experience feelings of disgust or guilt that can play into the shame we may already be carrying. Our body eventually learns to distrust us. It is a cycle of disconnection, dysregulation and of dysfunction. This is no way to live. It robs us of joy. When we feel ashamed of our physical body it can hold us back in life tremendously.

"Your relationship with food affects your relationship with your body and therefore with life itself."
Your body is a lens you experience your life through. If you struggle to accept your body, you struggle with your self-image, and your self-image determines your self-worth which can hold you back in life because often, we can achieve only what we believe we are worth.
Aly Cunynghame, Systematic Kinesiologist, Body Worker, Intuitive Guide

This is why we have created Nourish. We endeavour to bridge the disconnection gap and want to help you re-establish a healthy relationship with food and reconnect with your body. We want to help you explore your patterns and behaviours around food in a safe and non-judgemental environment and help you unravel. With our unique, tried and tested tools we are here to support you and help re-introduce you to your body and find true nourishment, inside and out.

“It is a necessity to heal our relationship to food. Unlike other substances we have abusive relationships with, we cannot give up food like we can with tobacco or narcotics. We can’t quit eating. Instead, we must re-establish a healthy relationship to it. When we allow ourselves to be nourished by our food, we open ourselves to receive that same nourishment in other areas of our life, too. In this process we reconnect with our body and transform our lives.”
Aly Cunynghame, Systematic Kinesiologist, Body Worker, Intuitive Guide

So, Who Are We?

We are Aly, a Systematic Kinesiologist, Body Worker & Intuitive Guide and Leila, an Embodiment Coach, Healing Foods Alchemist & Wholistic Health Practitioner. With our 20 plus years of combined knowledge and wisdom, 10 different healing modalities, space holding capabilities, Trauma-Informed approach and our drive for helping others to remember their wholeness, we make an epic duo that feels blessed to share this work with the world. Our energy is magnetising! With our compassion and ability to speak from the heart, we are able to go deep whilst still embodying joy. We compliment each other beautifully with our skill sets that fit together like a puzzle and we are proud to share this work in union. It is an extension of both our beings to be space holders and we love nothing more than creating safe containers for others to explore themselves within.

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How Will This Course Nourish You?


A FREE Remote Kinesiology Session & Quality Supplements & herbs worth £150!

Once you commit to your healing journey and sign up for this course, you will receive a remote Systematic Kinesiology session with our Advanced Kinesiologist and Teacher Aly (using testing via a hair sample) that will allow our team to identify what is going on within your digestive system and tailor supplements to what your individual needs are. The supplement(s) required come free of charge and are delivered to your doorstep - a gift from us to you.


Tried & Tested Tools

With over 20 years of combined lived experience of navigating our relationship to food, we have created a unique toolkit and system, including philosophies, conceptual ideas and practices, to help facilitate behavioural change and invite in true nourishment.


Live Weekly Sessions

We will meet once a week on a Saturday for two hours live on Zoom, for six weeks. Each week is a new module with fresh wisdom, guest speakers, guided journeys and more. Our aim is to help you go away feeling empowered, with the tools and exercises needed to continue your journey until the next live meet. The course dates are 05/11/22, 12/11/22, 19/11/22, 26/11/22, 03/12/22, 17/12/22



You will receive a full breakdown of all stages of the digestive system. You will learn about Systematic Kinesiology’s approach to working through digestive issues and how it has helped to remedy “IBS” all around the world. You’ll be shown why digestion is CRUCIAL in healing your relationship with food and your body. Aly specialises in digestive health and has had incredible success in helping people heal their digestion. She will be giving you the low down on a huge factor of digestion that is rarely spoken about. Leila will be sharing tools and knowledge on mindful eating and nervous system regulation, and how this can positively impact digestion and all other areas of your life. You’ll be taught practices to take away to continue your healing journey.



Aly’s abilities as an Intuitive Guide will take you on a journey of discovery as she helps you to heal and connect deeper with your own intuition; a crucial part of coming home to yourself and knowing what your body needs. You will also be receiving powerful guided journeys throughout the course from our very own Embodiment Coach Leila. With her gifts in creating a safe container and her experience in reconnection, she will teach you how to connect with your body which is where all healing begins. Leila’s superpower is her grounding presence. She can help you access your body’s innate wisdom and give you tools that she uses within her practice.



You will be a part of a loving container where you will be seen, held and heard. You will not be alone. You will supported throughout the six week journey and we hope you leave feeling loved and nourished.

Course Curriculum

During our six weeks together we will be diving deep into these topics:

Module 1: Introduction & The Importance of Self-Nourishment.

Module 2: Digestion & Mindful Eating.

Module 3: Emotional Freedom With Food.

Module 4: Mental Games & The Unconscious Beliefs Around Food.

Module 5: Embodiment, Connection & Intuition. Learning Unique Systems to Overcome Eating Issues.

Module 6: Moving Forward In an Embodied & Empowered Way.

“Only when we heal our relationship to food and the way we feel about our bodies, can we invite real peace and joy to our lives. Only then we can feel truly nourished.” - Leila Kimiai-Nia

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Would you or someone you know love this course but, but are not financially able to commit to the full price at this time? Apply for our Angel Ticket, letting us know why you need this course, and you can join us for just £99. Email us letting us know who you are applying for (you or someone else) and why you would like to join the course, and we will be in touch. <3

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