Heart Medicine Of Tea Ceremony At The Other House

September 17, 2022 2:00 PM
September 17, 2022 3:00 PM

Join us for the deep and soft Tea Ceremony to journey from the head to the Heart, to the intimacy of life itself at The Other House.

For centuries, Tea in the form of Chadao Practice has been used in China by Aboriginal Shamans, Daoist Sages and Buddhist Monks for alchemy and transformation.

Tea is a wise and gentle Plant Medicine - quite often overlooked and underestimated. Leaves that come from the wild growing old or ancient tea trees hold a lot of power to transform, to open our hearts. These wild trees have to grow long roots so that they can get water, minerals and nutrients deep from the core of the Earth. They have powerful healing Chi on all levels - Body, Mind and Spirit. Their medicine reaches our heart.

No wonder, Tea from such trees is called the Messenger of Love - it quietens the mind and compels us to rest in our hearts.

In this Tea Ceremony we will be invited to slow down, connect to our senses and listen deeply to what the Tea will stir in us. And She WILL stir.

Sometimes it is a sense of HOMECOMING, sometimes there is a JOY, often there are DEEP INSIGHTS about situations that haven't been resolved for a long time, a sense of PEACE, GRATITUDE, LOVE, CONNECTION, LIGHTNESS, CLARITY.

It will be unique for each, sometimes powerful, sometimes subtle, but all of us will come away exactly with what we need at this moment.

About Lera Zujeva (With T Lovers)

Lera has been a devoted Student of the Leaf for many years. Lera holds sacred spaces with the Medicine of Tea in Chadao tradition of Global Tea Hut, facilitating journeys from the head to the heart, to the intimacy of life itself. Tea as a sacred plant medicine creates this space for us to drop into the heart and just be.

Lera Zujeva (She/Her)

The Student of the Leaf, Lera’s mission in this world is to transmit peace, presence, love and harmony to others through tea.

Lera discovered Tea several years ago, and started working with this Plant Medicine almost straight away, after joining the amazing tea community called Global Tea Hut. This was love at first sight, and from that moment on she adopted The Way of Tea as her Spiritual Practice.

Tea Ceremonies were the most wonderful way to combine things she was so passionate for – Tea, Spiritual Growth and Awakening. With awe and amazement, Lera observes time after time how tea transforms her, her life and others. How quickly Tea touches those who are open to it, how deeply it reaches everyone’s hearts, and how subtle but profound the inner transformation is.

Lera’s own spiritual journey started in 2006 with the stay at Osho’s community in Pune and meditating every day from morning till night for some time. Then led her to practice Vipassana and study Human Design, Theta Healing, Vortex Energy Healing, tantric studies. Lera is a strong believer in somatic practices, and the way of healing through feeling. And all of these hugely help her in her own Tea practice.

Many, who come to her tea ceremonies, are in awe how powerful and healing these sessions are, how much peace, harmony and surrender they feel afterwards, and how much magic they start to notice in the ordinary moments of life.

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